2 Year Warranty Registration

Protect your Clogau jewellery for the next 2 years, free of charge. Just complete the form below

Our extended warranty scheme covers your Clogau jewellery or watch against all manufacturing faults for 2 years, no matter where you purchased it from, when you register your item/s within 30 days of purchase. (Please note that our perfume does not include warranty cover).

What you need in order to register
To register you'll need to tell us where and when it was purchased, and who the buyer and recipient is. If the item came with a Certificate of Authenticity, there should be a warranty number in the bottom right hand corner. If not, don't worry, you can still register your item and receive extended warranty cover.

What am I covered against?
Your Clogau jewellery or watch is covered against any default resulting from a manufacturing error for 2 years. (
Our warranty scheme does not cover you against accidental damage).

Once you have registered your item/s by completing the form below, we'll send you a confirmation email. Be sure to print it out and keep it safe.

FAQ about our warranty scheme

Warranty cover for 2 years


Step 1
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How many items do you want to register?
Step 2
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Enter your warranty numbers
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Certificate of Authenticity
The warranty number is printed on the bottom right of the Certificate of Authenticity. It is 12 numbers long.
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Save time by signing in - we can fill in some of the form for you

Not mandatory. Leave blank if you don’t have an online account.

Email address


Step 4
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Who bought the item and where from?

* Who purchased the item?

* Where was the item purchased from?

* When was it purchased?

Please enter the date that appears on the receipt, invoice or email order confirmation. We will ask for this in the event of a return.
Step 5
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What items do you want to register?

Enter the product code (e.g. “3SPSB”) and select an item from the list that pops up.  Alternatively, search for the item by entering a very brief description and clicking "Find Item"(eg. “Milestones bracelet”) then select an item from the list.
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Your details

* Title

* First Name

* Surname

* Email

Date of birth

We can use this information to send the recipient special treats and offers on their birthday.
Your address


Recipients details

* Title

* First Name

* Surname


Date of birth

We can use this information to send the recipient special treats and offers on their birthday.
The recipients address


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Occasionally we hold special Clogau Event Days in which we give away several luxurious jewellery items in a prize draw, along with a free gift with every purchase in store.

Please tick the box now if you'd like to receive a notification via email whenever we hold an Event Day in the store from where you bought your piece of Clogau. The emails will be very infrequent and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Once you click “Register for Warranty” we will send a confirmation email to the purchaser.