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Engagement Ring & Diamond Guide

Engagement Ring

Clogau Gold has provided the following guide on choosing the perfect engagement ring:

Choosing the ring

Deciding whether to choose a ring yourself, or to choose it together, is a personal choice that will be influenced by how confident you are in choosing the perfect ring for her.

Ideally you will already have an idea about her personal tastes and preferences. If you're unsure, take a look in her jewellery box to discover what style she likes (you should note the type of metals, design, gemstones etc). By looking, you should notice whether she prefers classic over contemporary, or bold over understated.

Don't forget: Clogau offers a 14-day money-back returns policy so that you can return the ring if she doesn't like it.

You may decide that you would prefer to shop for a ring after the proposal, together, so that your partner can be involved in the experience and there's no danger of choosing the wrong ring. This option can be just as romantic with the use of a prop to propose with such as the engagement ring charm, or key ring, which are perfect substitutes

How much should you spend?

As a guide, it’s generally recommended that you spend between 1-3 months salary on an engagement ring. Our advice is to spend what you feel is right, with regards to getting the desired quality. Don't forget though, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime ring.

What ring size is she?

There are a few ways that you can find out her ring size without having to ask her. The easiest way would be to borrow a ring of hers while she's not looking and compare it with our online Ring Size Guide, or take it to a reputable jeweller for them to measure. You could also ask a close friend or relative to find out for you, as long as you can trust them with your secret.

Diamond Guide

To be able to choose the most perfect engagement ring, you need to know a little about diamonds. There are four key areas to focus on so that you can then decide which are most important to you and how they each affect the price of a diamond.

You should first decide which shaped diamond she would prefer. There any many options, with the two most popular shapes being Princess (square) and Round.


The most important factor to consider, the cut determines the diamonds 'sparkle' and has the most impact on its overall beauty due to the amount of light it is able to reflect rather than lose. Cut's range from Ideal (very rare) to Poor, with Good and Fair cut's being the most common and value for money.


A diamond's colour is measured by how colourless it is as some diamonds can be slightly yellow. Diamonds are graded from D (colourless and extremely rare) to Z (noticeably coloured), with diamonds graded D-F (colourless) being most desirable, and G-I (near colourless) recommended for the best value for money.


The carat refers to the diamond weight and is a rough reflection of the overall size of the diamond (however, not the quality of the diamond). The ideal carat weight will depend on your budget and the size of her finger, so that you can choose a diamond size which will be in proportion.


Almost every single diamond that exists contains naturally occurring imperfections, most of these are very tiny and have no real impact on a diamond's overall appearance. Diamonds are graded from FL (flawless, very rare) to I3 (not recommended), with SI1/SI2 (slightly included) and VS1/VS2 (very slightly included) diamonds recommended for the best value for money.

Good luck! If you need any further advice, please don't hesitate to contact our Sales Office on 0845 606 88 77 who will be more than happy to advise you further.

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