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Gold Cufflinks

Here at Clogau we stock a magnificent range of high quality gold cufflinks that are entirely exclusive to the Clogau website. Each and every one of our gold cufflinks are hand crafted by experienced jewellers trained in traditional methods to ensure the highest quality of jewellery. What makes these gold cufflinks special, apart from the fact that this collection is entirely exclusive to the Clogau website is that they are crafted from one of the rarest and precious metals known to man, welsh gold. Mined from deep within the great ancient mountain of Snowdonia, welsh gold combined with the warm texture of granite quartz and copper give our jewellery warmth and beauty entirely exclusive to the Clogau collection. You needn’t look further than Clogau for a set of gold cufflinks that stand out with character and beauty, craftsmanship and quality, tradition and exclusivity. This exclusive range of exquisite gold cufflinks with designs ranging from the modern to the traditional can be yours to cherish for a lifetime. No other jeweller, whether on the high street or the web, can offer you such exclusivity and quality.

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Welsh Dragon Cufflinks
Annwyl Cufflinks *SALE*
£730  £547.50
Celtic Weave Cufflinks *SALE*
£1,350  £1,012.50
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