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Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton set to marry in 2011

A message from Ben, managing director of Clogau Gold.

"Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their Royal engagement!

Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton

April 2011 – Update

Confirmed: Welsh gold WILL be used for April’s Royal Wedding

I am overjoyed to now have official confirmation from the Palace that Welsh gold will be used for Miss Catherine Middleton’s wedding ring, after 5 months of speculation.

A spokeswoman at the Palace has now confirmed that The Queen has donated a family supply of Welsh gold to crown jeweller, Harry Collins, to create Catherine’s wedding band. Prince William, however, has decided not to wear a ring as is tradition in the Royal Family.

All of us at Clogau have had our fingers crossed since the engagement was announced in November that the tradition would be upheld. I was expecting to have to wait until after the wedding to discover this news so it has come as a very welcome surprise to me.

This means that the Royal wedding, to be held on Friday 29th April, will continue the long upheld tradition of using Welsh gold in Royal wedding rings, which began in 1923 with The Queen Mother’s marriage to King George VI.

Since 1923, the Royal Family has used Welsh gold for their wedding rings, so this is a lovely association for Clogau Gold, which will now be carried on into 2011.

Ben S. Roberts
Managing Director

February 2011 - Update

After the initial announcement, on 16th November 2010, of the Royal wedding between HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, we posted our official reaction here, on our website, which is shown below.

Naturally, we were overjoyed to hear the news, especially due to our esteemed association with the Royal Family which dates back to 1923. Since then, a few months have passed by and we are more than often questioned as to the intentions of the Royal Family and their desire to continue the tradition of Welsh Gold wedding bands.

As much as we would delight in this tradition being continued with Prince William and Miss Middleton’s wedding jewellery, and also for many generations to come, the Palace - understandably, are simply not in a position to confirm. Consequently, it is the case that we will have to wait until the wedding day, on Friday 29th April, or shortly thereafter, until there is an official response on the subject from the Palace or the newlyweds themselves.

We are not at all disappointed and, personally, I feel that this all adds to the excitement.

So, despite our overwhelming curiosity with regards to the happy couple’s choice of wedding rings, the most important thing at this time is to wish the couple good luck for their wedding day in April and every happiness for the future.

Ben S. Roberts
Managing Director

November 2010 – Royal engagement announced!

I would firstly like to offer my congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton, this is fantastic news and it’s even better to have it confirmed officially now.

Obviously we at Clogau Gold were not privy to any advance warning about events building up from the engagement in October but we will be delighted to hear of the continuation of the Royal Family’s tradition of wearing Welsh Gold wedding rings.

In April 1986 Her Majesty the Queen was presented with 1 kilo of Welsh gold to mark her 60th birthday. There certainly haven’t been enough Royal Weddings during this time to deplete this very special gold reserve.

Pure Welsh gold has supplied gold used in generations of Royal Family wedding rings, starting with the Queen Mother in 1923

Naturally, we’re in communication with the Palace following this official announcement but as yet cannot confirm the rumours of the Prince and future Princess's plans to use Welsh gold in their wedding jewellery.

It really is going to be a fantastic event for the country and indeed internationally too. As the most iconic and globally recognised Royal Family, the marriage of a future heir to the throne will no doubt make for global celebration."

Ben S. Roberts
Managing Director

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