Storytelling through beautiful jewellery

Every charm tells a story. From cherished memories shared with friends and family to once-in-a-lifetime occasions you wish to acknowledge, each charm on your bracelet tells the story of landmark events and personal occasions in a beautiful and unique way. Charm bracelets rose in popularity amongst the European noble classes during the period in which our heritage starts, when Queen Victoria became instrumental in their revival. A contemporary heirloom gift to mark precious moments in your lifetime.

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3SLLC586 Celtic Cross Charm
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3SLLC572 Crowned Heart Milestones® Charm *SALE*
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£109  £76.30
3SLLC293 Union Jack Milestones® Bead Charm *SALE*
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£149  £89.40
3SLLC352 Royal Roses® Milestones® Bead Charm *SALE*
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£149  £104.30