Stargazer - The Lyra Collection

Enchant with your Elegance and Romance

During the clear night sky, more than a thousand stars shine brightly, beautifully separated into eighty-eight constellations. The twinkling Lyra is one such constellation and represents the lyre, a musical instrument with strings used in antiquity and later times. In Wales, Lyra is known as King Arthur’s Harp (Talyn Arthur) or King David’s Harp.

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Lyra Necklace *SALE*    
LYN Lyra Necklace *SALE*
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£760  £380
Lyra Ring *SALE*    
LYR Lyra Ring *SALE*
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Lyra Earrings *SALE*    
LYSE Lyra Earrings *SALE*
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£670  £335