Anniversary Gifts

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The tradition of giving wedding anniversary gifts on significant milestones in a couple's relationship originated in Central Europe during in the Middle Ages. Each year together marks a deepening of a couple's commitment and help celebrate these occasions. Each anniversary has its own traditional and modern material and symbolic value.

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Anniversary Gifts For Her

Eternal Love Pendant             
3SELP Eternal Love Pendant
Heartstrings® Necklace             
3SHSN Heartstrings® Necklace
Eternal Love Earrings             
3SELE Eternal Love Earrings
Eternal Love Earrings             
3SELE02 Eternal Love Earrings
Eternal Love Diamond Heart Ring *SALE*             
3SELHR Eternal Love Diamond Heart Ring *SALE*
£169  £118.30
Eternal Love Bangle             
3SELB Eternal Love Bangle
Am Byth® Ring             
3SABR01 Am Byth® Ring
Eternal Love Ring *SALE*             
3SELDR Eternal Love Ring *SALE*
£219  £153.30
Eternal Love Earrings             
ELE02 Eternal Love Earrings
Heart Bead Charm             
3SLLC1 Heart Bead Charm
Eternal Love Earrings             
ELE Eternal Love Earrings
Eternal Love Pendant             
ELP Eternal Love Pendant
Lovespoons Bead Charm             
LLC41 Lovespoons Bead Charm
Heart Affinity Stacking Ring             
EH07 Heart Affinity Stacking Ring
Eternal Love Ring *SALE*             
ELDYR Eternal Love Ring *SALE*
£1,450  £1,015
Tree of Life® Bead Charm             
LLC38 Tree of Life® Bead Charm
18ct gold Am Byth® Ring             
18ETOLR3 18ct gold Am Byth® Ring
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Anniversary Gifts For Him

Tree of Life® Ring             
3SOTLR Tree of Life® Ring
Annwyl Ring             
3SCWR Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Ring             
3SELR017 Annwyl Ring
Welsh Dragon® Pendant             
SD003 Welsh Dragon® Pendant
Tree of Life® Cufflinks             
3STOLCL Tree of Life® Cufflinks
Welsh Dragon® Cufflinks             
SD006 Welsh Dragon® Cufflinks
Annwyl Ring             
ELR001 Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Ring             
CWR Annwyl Ring
Annwyl Ring (Wide)             
ELR017 Annwyl Ring (Wide)
Annwyl Ring             
ELYR017 Annwyl Ring
Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring             
CMG80 Welsh Dragon® Signet Ring
Welsh Dragon® Pendant             
D001 Welsh Dragon® Pendant