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With rare Welsh gold from Snowdonia in every piece, Clogau jewellery is
unique for its original designs, rich colours and substantial weighty feel.


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A Milestones bracelet takes you on a journey through all the special events in a lady's life.


The word ‘Cariad’ is Welsh for love, beloved, sweetheart or darling and is derived from the Latin word ‘carus’, meaning love or loved one.


Intertwining rose gold vines, berries and leaves symbolise the evolution of nature, which Charles Darwin termed the Tree of Life.


A rose gold fairy is housed within the branches of the Tree of Life where it hangs freely from a simple loop at the top.


Endless flowing weave patterns symbolise the eternal love and commitment between you and your loved one.


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Eternal love is the most powerful commitment we can make and this collection is a fitting devotion to that celebration. Inspired by the Celts' love for infinite flowing weave patterns, this beautiful silver and rose gold Eternal Love Heart ring, set with three sparkling diamonds contains rare Welsh gold, the very same gold as used by British Royalty since 1911. The Eternal Love Heart motif measures 13mm wide and the ring is available in sizes J – T. Matching items are available.

Code: 3SELHR


This delicate and feminine charm takes its inspiration from the Welsh term of endearment, Cariad. Pretty and sentimental, it captures the message of love and friendship in the most distinctive way. A contemporary heirloom gift to mark precious moments in your lifetime, the Cariad milestones bead charm, created in sterling silver and beautiful 9ct rose gold and pale pink enamel contains rare Welsh gold. Matching items are available in this collection.

Code: 3SLLC147


The Origin collection captures where we have come from and our hopes and dreams for what the future may hold. The Origin ruthenium silver and rose gold necklace features circular flowing vines, set with 12 beautiful amethysts. The Origin necklace is a unique piece of jewellery that can be treasured forever and worn no matter what the occasion. Containing rare Welsh gold – the gold of Royalty for over 100 years, the Origin necklace hangs freely on a 46cm (18") silver curb chain. Matching items are available.



This elegant, contemporary silver and rose gold pendant, set with three diamonds, is 15mm long and contains rare Welsh gold – the gold of Royalty for over 100 years. The pendant hangs freely on a 46cm (18") silver curb chain. The perfect accessory to complement any outfit for any occasion. Classic design never dates. Matching items are available.



This exquisite collection is inspired by the intricate carvings on Anne Boleyn's Gateway, a lasting reminder of one of the most famous and compelling royal love stories. These exquisite black mother of pearl drop earrings are 37mm long and have been expertly handcrafted from sterling silver and 9ct rose gold. Containing rare Welsh gold, the Black mother of pearl drop earrings are a stunning statement piece to coordinate with any outfit. Matching items are available.



New collections


5 gorgeous and unique bead charms inspired by Kensington Palace, the birthplace and childhood home of some of Britain's most famous monarchs and the backdrop for many great events and dramas in royal history. These new charms are based on the personal passions of the seven princesses, all former residents of Kensington Palace. Every charms tells a story from the passion of the arts to a love of nature.

5 pieces
Priced: £59 to £119


The classical bow motif represented in these stylish pieces shares its familiarity with all ages and its heritage with the iconic Tree of Life design of natural intertwining vines and leaves, delicately combined. These elegant pieces of contemporary jewellery are the perfect accessory to complement any outfit for any occasion. Classic design never dates.

3 pieces
Priced: £99 to £119


In ancient Roman mythology, Salacia was worshipped as the goddess of the sea. She was the wife and queen of Neptune, god of the sea. Salacia is represented as a beautiful nymph, crowned with seaweed, often depicted driving with Neptune in a pearl shell chariot drawn by dolphins and sea-horses. These beautiful, elegant sea creatures form the inspiration behind this divine collection.

2 pieces
Priced: £89 to £149


Life’s momentous occasions are made all the more meaningful when celebrated with those you care about and raising a toast wishing love, luck and happiness. The inspiration behind these elegant and contemporary designs draws on the captivating and exquisite bubbles in a glass of champagne – the perfect complement to any celebration.

4 pieces
Priced: £89 to £219


When two hearts meet, when two melodies sing in harmony a beautiful composition evolves. Celebrate the love you share and the commitment you have with each other by composing your own bespoke engagement ring. The giving and receiving of a personal celebratory token, a commitment ring that you can compose together – is the ultimate expression of your love, hopes and dreams and a reflection on your life together, unified in a personal heirloom piece.

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