For the ultimate jewellery accessory with elegance, sophistication and style, our collection of bangles is perfect for you. Our bangles here at Clogau are of the highest possible standard and are handmade from the finest materials from start to finish. You can be sure that the bangle you buy from us has had quality ingrained in it from the start. Our collection of bangles range from the classic to the ultra modern. Each of the bangles we create contains rare Welsh gold, one of the most elusive golds on the planet.

Tree of Life Bangle

Highly recommended

Tree of Life Bangle
Beautiful filigrees inspired by our iconic Tree of Life design run through the centre of this stunningly gorgeous bangle. Within the 9ct rose gold is rare Welsh gold from the Snowdonia moutnains.

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Twist Bangle    
3SMTSBG Twist Bangle
(no rating yet)
Tudor Court Bangle    
3STDCBG3 Tudor Court Bangle
(no rating yet)
Tree of Life® Insignia Bangle    
3STOLMNBG1 Tree of Life® Insignia Bangle
(no rating yet)
1854 Tree of Life® Insignia Bangle    
1854TOLMNBG 1854 Tree of Life® Insignia Bangle
(no rating yet)
Past Present Future® Bangle    
3SPPFBG Past Present Future® Bangle
(no rating yet)
Awelon Cuff Bangle    
3SAWBG Awelon Cuff Bangle
(no rating yet)
Royal Roses® White Topaz Bangle    
3SRORBG3 Royal Roses® White Topaz Bangle
(no rating yet)
£350  £245
Mens Dragon Scale Bangle *SALE*    
3SDSBG Mens Dragon Scale Bangle *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£400  £280
Royal Crown Diamond Bangle *SALE*    
18MCWDBG Royal Crown Diamond Bangle *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£7,700  £4,620
18ct gold Debutante Bangle *SALE*    
18ABDBG 18ct gold Debutante Bangle *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£11,000  £7,700