Womens Bracelets

All the women’s bracelets available from Clogau Gold are made with the purest metals - be they silver, yellow, white or rose gold. Each contains a hint of pure Welsh Gold from our mines, providing a direct link to the history and tradition that makes us the choice of royalty.

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Eternal Love Bracelet           
3SELMB Eternal Love Bracelet
Heartstrings® Bracelet           
3SHSBR02 Heartstrings® Bracelet
Wishbone Bracelet *SALE*           
3SWBMB Wishbone Bracelet *SALE*
£99  £69.30
Cariad® Bracelet           
3SCMB Cariad® Bracelet
Tree of Life® Bracelet           
3STLMB Tree of Life® Bracelet
Daffodil Bracelet           
3SDMB Daffodil Bracelet
Clogau Celebration Bracelet           
3SMB2 Clogau Celebration Bracelet
Cariad® Bracelet           
3SCBR4 Cariad® Bracelet
Royal Clogau® Oak Bracelet           
3SOBR Royal Clogau® Oak Bracelet
Butterfly Affinity Bracelet           
3SBWMB3 Butterfly Affinity Bracelet
Awelon Bracelet           
3SABR Awelon Bracelet
Calon Lan Milestone Bracelet (17cm)           
3SMSCB17 Calon Lan Milestone Bracelet (17cm)
(no rating yet)
Origin Bracelet           
3SENGTLMB Origin Bracelet
Tree of Life Milestone Bracelet Pink enamel (17cm)           
3SMSTBP17 Tree of Life Milestone Bracelet Pink enamel (17cm)
(no rating yet)
Cariad® Friendship bracelet           
3SCRFBR Cariad® Friendship bracelet
(no rating yet)
Wales Polo Bracelet *SALE*           
3SPLBR01 Wales Polo Bracelet *SALE*
£169  £118.30
Royal Roses® Diamond Bracelet *SALE*           
RORRCB Royal Roses® Diamond Bracelet *SALE*
£440  £308
Evil Eye Stretch Bead Bracelet           
3SEESBR Evil Eye Stretch Bead Bracelet
(no rating yet)
Debutante Affinity Feather Bracelet           
3SDBFMB Debutante Affinity Feather Bracelet
(no rating yet)
Hamsa Hand Bracelet           
3SHHSBR Hamsa Hand Bracelet
(no rating yet)
Cariad® Heart Bracelet           
3SCHMBR Cariad® Heart Bracelet
Clogau Tassel Beaded Bracelet           
3SBB3 Clogau Tassel Beaded Bracelet
(no rating yet)