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Our gorgeous collection of stacking rings allow you to create your own look depending on how you feel, what you're wearing, or whatever mood you're in. Handcrafted to the finest detail, our unique stacking rings are the ideal jewellery accessory for the modern lady looking for that extra flexibility to express their personality through beautiful jewellery. Find your perfect comination by mixing and matching your own set of unique Clogau stacking rings, each of which contains rare Welsh gold mined from the mountains of Snowdonia.

Am Byth ring

Highly recommended

Life Affinity Stacking Ring
Beautiful vines and ivy leaves handcrafted from the finest yellow and rose gold represent the endless evolution of life. The perfect ring to stack with other gold rings, or simply wear on its own.

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Tree of Life® Ring              
3SCTOLR Tree of Life® Ring
Annwyl Ring              
3SCWR Annwyl Ring
Clogau® Celebration Ring              
3SMR2 Clogau® Celebration Ring
Tree of Life® Ring              
3STOLEDR Tree of Life® Ring
Life Affinity Stacking Ring              
3SILSR Life Affinity Stacking Ring
Affinity Stacking Ring              
3SAFSR Affinity Stacking Ring
(no rating yet)
Daffodil Stacking Ring *SALE*              
3SDSR Daffodil Stacking Ring *SALE*
£89  £62.30
Eternal Daffodil Stacking Ring              
3SCDSR Eternal Daffodil Stacking Ring
Beaded Stacking Ring *SALE*              
3SBSR01 Beaded Stacking Ring *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£169  £118.30
Royal Roses® Stacking Ring              
3SRRSR Royal Roses® Stacking Ring
£99  £69.30
Tree of Life® Ring              
TOLEYR2 Tree of Life® Ring
(no rating yet)
Heart Affinity Stacking Ring              
3SEH06 Heart Affinity Stacking Ring
Awelon Affinity Peridot Stacking Ring              
3SAWSR Awelon Affinity Peridot Stacking Ring
Eternal Love Affinity Stacking Ring              
3SELDSR Eternal Love Affinity Stacking Ring
Tree of Life® Diamond Stacking Ring              
TOLDSR Tree of Life® Diamond Stacking Ring
Clogau Celebration Stacking Ring *SALE*              
3SMR4 Clogau Celebration Stacking Ring *SALE*
(no rating yet)
£99  £69.30
Royal Crown Ring              
3SRCSR Royal Crown Ring
(no rating yet)
Tree of Life® Ring              
TOLER2 Tree of Life® Ring
Lovespoons Ring              
LSPR Lovespoons Ring
Heart Affinity Stacking Ring *SALE*              
EH07 Heart Affinity Stacking Ring *SALE*
£250  £175
Butterfly Stacking Ring              
3SBWSR3 Butterfly Stacking Ring
Cariad® Ring              
CCLR3 Cariad® Ring
Heart Friendship Ring              
3SLFR Heart Friendship Ring
(no rating yet)
Annwyl Ring              
CWR Annwyl Ring
Affinity Heart Ring              
EH08 Affinity Heart Ring
(no rating yet)
Royal Clogau® Oak Ring              
OLR01 Royal Clogau® Oak Ring