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Tree of Life<sup>&reg;</sup> Stud Earrings          
TOLSE03 Tree of Life® Stud Earrings
Heart of Wales<sup>&reg;</sup> Earrings          
3STLPBE Heart of Wales® Earrings
Dinas Emrys Earrings          
3SDRLDE Dinas Emrys Earrings
Daffodil Stud Earrings          
DSE Daffodil Stud Earrings
Tree of Life<sup>&reg;</sup> Half Hoop Earrings          
TOLCE2 Tree of Life® Half Hoop Earrings
Dwynwen Stud Earrings          
DWSE Dwynwen Stud Earrings
Eternal Love Earrings          
ELE Eternal Love Earrings
Enchanted Forest Earrings          
ENCDE Enchanted Forest Earrings
Tree of Life<sup>&reg;</sup> Heart Stud Earrings          
TLHE7 Tree of Life® Heart Stud Earrings
Eternal Love Earrings          
ELE02 Eternal Love Earrings
Tree of Life<sup>&reg;</sup> Pearl Earrings          
TOLCPE2 Tree of Life® Pearl Earrings
Peacock Throne Topaz Stud Earrings          
PKE3 Peacock Throne Topaz Stud Earrings
Cariad<SUP>&reg;</SUP> Earrings          
CE01 Cariad® Earrings
Wildflower Celandine Stud Earrings          
CLDSE Wildflower Celandine Stud Earrings