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Tree of Life<sup>&reg;</sup> Stud Earrings          
TOLSE03 Tree of Life® Stud Earrings
Heart of Wales<sup>&reg;</sup> Earrings          
3STLPBE Heart of Wales® Earrings
Lotus Earrings          
3SLTUSE Lotus Earrings
Dinas Emrys Earrings          
3SDRLDE Dinas Emrys Earrings
Ebb and Flow Earrings          
3SEBFSE Ebb and Flow Earrings
Daffodil Stud Earrings          
DSE Daffodil Stud Earrings
Tree of Life<sup>&reg;</sup> Half Hoop Earrings          
TOLCE2 Tree of Life® Half Hoop Earrings
Eternal Love Earrings          
ELE Eternal Love Earrings
Enchanted Forest Earrings          
ENCDE Enchanted Forest Earrings
Tree of Life<sup>&reg;</sup> Heart Stud Earrings          
TLHE7 Tree of Life® Heart Stud Earrings
Eternal Love Earrings          
ELE02 Eternal Love Earrings
Tree of Life<sup>&reg;</sup> Pearl Earrings          
TOLCPE2 Tree of Life® Pearl Earrings
Bohemia Stud Earrings          
FDLSE5 Bohemia Stud Earrings
Cariad<SUP>&reg;</SUP> Earrings          
CE01 Cariad® Earrings
Past Present Future<sup>&reg;</sup> Earrings          
PPFE Past Present Future® Earrings
Wildflower Celandine Stud Earrings          
CLDSE Wildflower Celandine Stud Earrings
Serenade<sup>&reg;</sup> Earrings *SALE*          
EMPE Serenade® Earrings *SALE*
£470  £329