Statement from the Edinburgh Assay Office on the content of Welsh gold in Clogau jewellery

In November 2015 Clogau received the following statement from the Edinburgh Assay Office in a letter headed "Assuring chain of custody when including Welsh gold in jewellery products", this refers to the internal quality systems controlling the content of Welsh gold in Clogau jewellery.

During 2015 The Edinburgh Assay Office has continued to work closely with Clogau Gold of Wales developing and witnessing their chain of custody for the addition of Welsh gold to their jewellery products. We are satisfied that the quality management process followed by Clogau Gold of Wales provide assurance of the statement “Welsh gold is contained within each piece of Clogau Gold jewellery” by supporting:

  • The validity of the source of Welsh Gold used by Clogau Gold of Wales.
  • That a pre-determined quantity is being included in the production of all Clogau Gold items.
  • That the quantity is consistent across their range of jewellery.
  • That verifiable records are being keep to provide a clear audit trail to support these assurances.


John Hadden
Quality Manager
Edinburgh Assay Office

10th November 2015

Edinburgh Assay Office statement on our Welsh Gold

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