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Here is the official Clogau Gold guide to choosing an engagement ring and planning your proposal. By taking the time and effort to plan out this special moment you can be assured it will be one of the happiest memories for the both of you to remember forever.

Step 1 – Seek a Blessing

Depending on how traditional both you and your partner are, you may wish to ask her father for her hand in marriage. Although not widely practised, this is a tradition that allows the father to offer his blessing on the proposed marriage.

Step 2 – Choosing the Ring

It is recommended that a man spends between 1-3 months of their salary on an engagement ring. How much to spend is a personal decision, however, it should be remembered that this is the most important piece of jewellery in a womans life that she will be able to treasure forever. 

You will have to decide whether you/your partner would prefer you to choose the ring yourself, or to choose a temporary object, and then you can both choose a ring together later on. If you choose the former, be prepared that she might want to pick out something different from what you have chosen – don’t be offended!

In order to find out what size ring she is, you have a few options depending on how secrative you wish to be. You could borrow one of her rings from her jewellery box without her noticing, and use an online ring sizer or take it to a jewellers to find out it’s size. You could also ask a close friend or relative to drop the subject into casual conversation, and find out the answer. Alternatively, you could purchase a ring sizer and ask her to measure her finger if you want to be less subtle.

You will already be familiar with your partners personal taste, however, you may wish to take a look in their jewellery box or take them window shopping to confirm this. Does she prefer yellow or white precious metal? Does she like classic or contemporary? A statement or demure piece? What cut of diamond is her favourite? All of these questions will help you choose the perfect engagement ring.

When buying your ring, don’t forget to ask what the returns policy is to check whether/how you can return the ring for an alternative style or size.

Step 3: The Proposal

To make it a private or public proposal is a personal decision, and would depend on the personality of both you and your fiancee-to-be. Some couples would prefer an intimate proposal just involving the two of you, and others would prefer an audience or to involve friends and family. A public venue like a restaurant, a candle light picnic on the beach or on holiday are just a few ideas. 

Depending on your personality, and confidence, you may or may not wish to prepare and practise how you will propose. Whether it is relaxed or formal, this moment will be a memory for you both to treasure for the rest of your lives so it must be suited to your personalities and not make either of you feel uncomfortable or under pressure.

Most importantly – enjoy the moment!