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Clogau Gold launches the first Retailer Web Platform

Jewellery brand Clogau Gold, have launched a revolutionary e-tailing platform, through which authorised Clogau retailers can retail the whole of the Clogau range to their customers without the worry of stock control, dispatch or even the maintenance of website security or payment gateways.

In a bid to see the back of low quality websites retailing Clogau Gold, Clogau are giving the web platform to their retailers free of charge, providing them with a micro-site they can add to their existing online presence or as a stand-alone site, retailing Clogau items with no website maintenance, stock control concerns or hosting/web costs essentially allowing all Clogau Gold retailers to sell online with almost no effort.

Ben Roberts, MD expresses his reticence to closing down retailers’ websites like so many other brands have. “We have built our retail partners a ready to use, out-of-the-box, customisable solution. The sites which sit on Clogau’s own servers and links from the retailers own site, offers significant benefits to the retailer and consumer. It also ensures consistency of brand message and identity across e-commerce and other retail channels”

“Many brands have, to varying degrees, restricted retailers from having a web presence. We believe that to support our retailers with a one-step solution in an area that is often confusing and time consuming, is one that will be welcome. We have built a platform from which a retailer can simply sell our portfolio from their dedicated site in an environment that matches the quality of the products. While the Clogau brand continues to grow, we are committed to strengthening our relationships with our retailers. It would be counter-productive to close down hard-won retailers over issues with their websites. We will reap mutual long-term benefits if we supply them with the tools they need to do it properly.”

The site itself has been in development for over a year and works real-time with Clogau Gold’s jewellery stock control systems. This ensures that stock levels on the retailers dedicated sites are all accurate and updated within seconds at all times of the day.

There will now be parity between online promotions at Clogau’s consumer facing site and the sites of our retailers, so when an offer or incentive is run on Clogau’s own site it’s also runs on the sites of all our participating retailers.

The trial site ( has been partnered with Clive Ranger Jewellers in Cardiff and was launched at To view in more detail just click on Clogau under the “Collections” menu. Although the page you are taken to appears to be part of the Clive Ranger site, it is actually an area hosted and maintained by Clogau Gold or to view a generic demonstration and imagine your site simply linking here when your customer clicks “Clogau”.

Benefits of the web platform to Clogau retailers are vast; reporting on sales, best selling items, financial movements as well as brand consistency, shared stock with Clogau headquarters.