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Clogau’s new ‘shop-in-shop’

“What on earth is a shop-in-shop?” I hear you shout! Give me a few minutes and a picture and all will be explained…

Known to us as a shop-in-shop, or to the guys in marketing as a branded retail display, a shop-in-shop is a clever display unit used in a shop to show off and draw attention to a particular brand. Shops are normally full of many different brands all displayed among each other, but the shop-in-shop allows a brand to be recognised and stand alone from its competitors.

“Who cares?” you ask. Well, we were hoping you do. Did you know that 60% of purchase decisions (whether to buy an item or not) are made in the actual shop so your first impressions of our jewellery matters to us.

The Clogau shop-in-shop uses a combination of flattering lighting, complementary materials and our colours to make sure that you will recognise our brand and our products as soon as you enter a shop. Our selected retail partners can choose from three different display units depending on the available floor space they have. Each unit features the Clogau logo, display merchandise to feature the jewellery and an optional TV displaying the Clogau story and new “Touch” imagery.

Keep an eye out for our shop-in-shop in selected Clogau retailers and let us know what you think. The pictures below give you an example of how a typical Clogau shop-in-shop will look featuring all three of the different units.

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A ‘Touch’ of glamour for Autumn & Winter 2010

In the next week or so Clogau jewellery customers will be receiving their new Autumn & Winter 2010 brochure through their letter boxes. Not only will they find 63 brand new products and 8 brand new collections, but also, that Clogau Gold has had a make-over.

We thought that since we’re introducing more and more contemporary jewellery pieces and collections, that our brand image should reflect this. We’ve said a fond “farewell” to our infamous golden lady to make way for a new set of stunning lifestyle shots to achieve the high-class glamour look we want.

The idea for our new image was taken from the original Clogau proposition – what we’re all about – ‘Fine jewellery with a touch of rare Welsh gold’. Ben Roberts, the MD, wanted to focus on the concept of ‘touch’. It’s quite clever really – a touch can be both physical and emotional … a Cariad wedding ring touches the finger of a bride on her wedding day, a loving mother touches her Milestones bracelet where each charm evokes a loving memory, being deeply moved by the gesture of a love one as they surprise you with a piece of Clogau jewellery. And every single one of these pieces holds a ‘touch’ of precious rare Welsh gold.

In July, we set out to achieve this look. A two day photo shoot took place in the gardens of the 17th century Bodysgallen Hall, a magnificent Grade 1 listed building here in Conwy, North Wales. Gathered here was renowned fashion photographer, John Oakley (who’s previously shot for brands such as Gossards), two beautiful models and the Clogau team, all with the intension of bringing to life the elegant jewellery amongst breathtaking Welsh surroundings.

Who better to ask to model our jewellery than a flesh-and-blood natural Welsh beauty, Lucy Whitehouse, former Miss Wales 2009. This is what she said about the shoot:

“The photo shoot for Clogau Gold gave me a wonderful opportunity to showcase an amazing Welsh company. Being Miss Wales 2009 couldn’t get better than having a two day photo shoot in beautiful North Wales wearing the fabulous Welsh gold. The shots I’ve seen so far are wonderful and I hope I’ve done Clogau Gold proud!”

Here’s a few of our new lifestyle shots that will from now on feature on all of our websites and customer communications. We hope you love them as much as we do – in fact, let us know what you think when you get your brochure, we’d love to hear from you!