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 We’re all very proud here at Clogau headquarters. Last month our Managing Director was named a ‘Business Big Shot’ by one of the most influential voices in the jewellery industry – Professional Jeweller.

It’s more of a big deal than you think! This year is the very first year that Professional Jeweller has decided to compile a ‘Hot 100’ list of ‘the most creative, successful and talented people working in the British jewellery industry today’ as they, so modestly, put it.

To be welcomed into the exclusive group of bright commercial minds that is a ‘Business Big Shot’ you had to fit an exact criteria. Only leaders of brands that have, this year, generated large sales helped along by their expertise in retail, importing, wholesaling, marketing and manufacturing were considered.

Ben was one of only 27 people to be honored with this title among the bosses of Swarovski, Pandora and Links of London. It’s quite an impressive achievement, even if we do say so ourselves.

The jewellery market generates over £2 billion in sales every year so you can see it’s a very competitive place to work in. Ben has ensured his company’s success by being truly passionate about what he does, helped along by his ambitious personality and talent as an entrepreneur allowing him to always be one step ahead.

Professional Jeweller’s idea behind the Hot 100 list was to make it a little bit different from other awards. They have done this by recognising the real people behind a successful brand or a product to give them the credit that they rightly deserve.

Of course, with the name ‘Hot 100’ I bet your wondering what happened to the other 99? Well, they were made up of various other categories, including ‘Trendsetters’ which named the most creative and inspiring as well as the ‘Retail Stars’ who have customised their offerings to tie in with the ever changing trends in the jewellery industry.