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Cast your mind back to December of last year and you may remember that we announced – very proudly I must say, that we are an official sponsor of Richard Parks’ 737 Challenge.

What is the 737 Challenge?

Okay, so, the 737 Challenge is a 7 month expedition to climb the 7 Summits, which are the highest mountain on each of the world’s continents, and venture the last degree to The South Pole and Geographic North Pole.

7 summits – 3 poles (The South Pole, The Geographic North Pole and the summit of Everest) – 7 months = 737

“Is he mad?!” I hear you cry.

Surprisingly…no. You may, or may not, know that Richard was once a Welsh international rugby player – following a career-ending shoulder injury in 2009 Richard found himself at an extreme low point in his life which was only worsened by the subsequent death of his beloved Grandmother.

During this desolate time, Richard became inspired by the achievements of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, a famous expeditionary, and was hungry to find a new venture which he could focus his emotional and physical energy on while helping a charity close to his and his family’s hearts – Marie Curie Cancer Care. Hence, the 737 Challenge was born.

What’s Clogau got to do with it?

As all true Clogau fan’s will know, we have a long-standing relationship with both Marie Curie and the Welsh Rugby Union. When we heard about this world first challenge (if Richard is successful – he will become the first person to have stood on the continental summits and all 3 poles in the same calendar year) and the chance to support it, we just couldn’t say no!

So we sat down and said, “Hey, let’s make some jewellery” and so, we did.

Our official unisex 9-piece 737 Challenge collection will be launched at this year’s Spring Fair on 6th-10th February. The collection consists of a bead charm, cufflinks, 2 pendants, 2 rings and 3 friendship bracelets which are all inscribed with the inspirational message “The horizon is only the limit of our sight”.

What’s more, to help Richard on his way to raise £1 million for Marie Curie, 20% of all sales of the collection will be donated to the charity.

Richard has already reached his third out of nine legs of the challenge. Visit the 737 Challenge website for more information on our association and the challenge as well as Richards progress; http://www.737challenge.com/news/3/clogau-gold-join-the-world-first-737-challenge.html

Here are a small sample of photos from the challenge, more can be found on the website above…