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Over the years, we’ve come to recognise that our customers use Clogau to mark their most precious memories.

Our jewellery provides something special that will last a lifetime until it is passed on to the next generation. What better way to remember such happy times than with a unique piece of beautiful jewellery containing rare Welsh gold.

Our best-selling Milestones collection is the most popular way that you have chosen to wear your treasured moments, with each bead charm representing each milestone in a personal way.

Here are just a few of our customers’ stories:


“I just love this charm, I bought it to
remind me of my daughter who loves cupcakes so when I look at it I think of her.”



“Each charm I have signifies someone or something in my life.”



“My husband bought me this for the anniversary of the date he proposed 40 years ago, he thought it was a date worth marking!”

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