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Jewellery and gold have gone hand in hand for many thousands of years. Pieces such as solid gold torques, beaten gold masks and gold rings formed a large part of ritual and society from the shores of pre-Medieval Britain to Ancient Egypt and Greece. Jewellers began to develop necklaces and chains and set semi-precious gems into their adornments; thereafter gold pendants were worn and admired, their popularity continuing throughout history.

What is thought to be the earliest gold jewellery was discovered in Bulgaria during the 1970s, dating back to before 4000BC, although it is also believed that societies in Africa and Asia have long known of the precious metal’s appealing combination of beauty and malleability.

Some of the first gold pendants are thought to have been made by ancient civilisations such as the Minoans on Crete and the Etruscans in Italy. The early inhabitants of the Greek island produced cable chains out of gold and on the mainland Mycenaean culture was developing stunning gold rings and ceremonial masks. Continue reading