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The exchange of rings on your wedding day is a symbolic act, a physical sign that you will keep your promises to your partner. This usually means wearing your band every day, for the rest of your life. While gold wedding rings are traditionally associated with marriage and longevity, rings can be exposed to wear, damage and dullness over the years. Read on for some tips as to how to prevent your wedding band from losing its sheen.

Half the battle with preserving gold rings is to think about their care and maintenance every time they are put on. For some people, wearing their wedding band everywhere they go proves its worth and keeps it safe as well, but the chemicals with which your hands will come into contact and the activities they will perform during an average day could be harmful.

For this reason, it is important to temporarily remove gold wedding rings before using soaps, hand-creams, hair products and perfume. You should ideally take your band off for periods of high activity, such as sport or exercise and never take it into the swimming pool or spa. If you’re worried about loss, try to put in the same place every time. If gold rings do get wet, it’s not a disaster; they simply need time to air dry properly before replacing them on the finger.

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