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Should You Choose Gold-Plated or Solid Gold Pendants?

Though there are many pendants on the market labelled as ‘gold’, a significant percentage of these will actually be gold-plated. These are undoubtedly a more cost-effective option and, in the case of gold-filling or rolled gold, can still closely represent the look of pure gold. However, they do not have the same lasting quality and value of solid gold jewellery. So which is the best option if you’re looking for gold pendants?

How are gold-plated pendants made?

Gold-plating is a way of fixing a very small amount of gold on the surface of a much cheaper and more robust base metal — commonly zinc, copper or nickel. The process is done through electroplating and the resulting layer of gold is very thin. If buying a gold-plated pendant, you might want to check if the chain is also plated, as this can wear off quite quickly if it’s worn often around the neck.

Am Byth Pendant from Clogau
Am Byth Pendant from Clogau

What about gold-filled pendants?

Gold-filling is a slightly different process in which the gold is bonded to the surface of the base metal by applying pressure and heat, causing a permanent fusion between the two substances. The percentage of gold in gold-filled or rolled gold pendants will be higher than gold-plated alternatives, but still only amounts to about 5 % of the pendant’s weight.

However, the amount of gold qualifies gold-filled jewellery to have a carat-stamp, telling the buyer how pure the bonded gold is.

What are the benefits of buying solid gold pendants?

Pure gold pendants and gold rings will naturally be much higher in price, according to the value of the material. But it isn’t just the face

value you are paying for when you purchase solid gold. The precious metal will not get damaged as gold-plating does and with due care and attention can withstand a lifetime of regular wear. Even gold-filled jewellery cannot reproduce a pure gold finish in the same way. You can also choose from the cheaper 9-karat options right up to the purest 24-karat pieces.

Each option has its merits, depending on your priorities. Gold-filling is a good compromise if you just want a piece of costume jewellery and gold-plated items are great for the budget-conscious. But when it comes to buying a pendant as a special gift, or splashing out on those all-important gold wedding rings, pure gold is hard to beat.

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Ideas for Unusual Gold Wedding Rings

Am Byth Wedding Ring by Clogau
Am Byth Wedding Ring by Clogau

Contemporary Designs

The market is filled with quirky influences at the moment. Even if you naturally go for traditional gold wedding rings, there are plenty of ways to give them a new twist with ideas such as moving-block rings, millegrain effects around the edges and even inter-locking puzzle rings. If you want something more understated, two toned plain bands are also popular and can often be combined with your choice of precious metals.

Technological advances such as laser-engraving has also raised the standards of personalised wedding rings, meaning you can get much more detailed inscriptions of names, dates and symbols on your wedding band.

Antiquated Designs

For those who want a little more old-fashioned romance on their big day, you can get a whole range of pre-medieval gold wedding rings, often taking their cue from the Celtic civilisations of Wales, Ireland and Scotland. There are highly symbolic ideas such as the ‘Tree of Life’, in either pictorial or abstract form, or more simple interwoven patterns and runic details.

Gold Rings Gold Wedding Rings Wedding Rings

Choosing a gold wedding ring? Make your partner feel like Royalty!

Am Byth® 18ct Yelllow Gold Wedding Rings.
Am Byth® 18ct Yelllow Gold Wedding Rings by Clogau

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is a task that requires care, attention and a lot of heart-felt thought. At Clogau our enchanting gold wedding rings are first-class for showing your love and commitment.

Over 150 years ago, gold was
found in the Snowdonia hills. The Clogau St. David’s mine soon became one of the largest and richest mines around, but with this meant that the mine was soon depleted of the tonnes of welsh gold it stored. The gold veins soon became too rare and difficult to find which meant that the Welsh gold we use is now one of the rarest gold’s in the world. We use a touch of this stunning welsh gold in all of our pieces to create the finest high quality jewellery around to ensure that welsh gold is still used to create handcrafted unique jewellery, just as it was all those years ago.

Welsh gold has been worn and adored by the British royal family since 1911 and used to create royal wedding rings since 1923. The tradition started with The Queen Mother’s marriage to the Duke of York on the 26th April 1923. This royal connection shows just how exclusive our jewellery is and assures you of the luxurious quality it has.
What better way to show your partner they are like royalty to you with the beauty and originality of our gold wedding rings. We have these highly sought after rings for both men and women to show love, marriage and commitment.

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Show someone you love them with a gold pendant


Cariad Locket
Rose Gold Cariad Locket by Clogau

Finding someone special that perfect gift can be hard, it has to be just right to show them just how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Our gold pendants are handcrafted to create stunning designs that will keep on giving!

Are you a husband looking to show your wonderful wife the love you have for her? What could be better than our impeccable gold pendants to show such a special bond between two people? Each of our pieces is touched with rare Welsh gold from the Snowdonia Mountains,one of the world’s rarest and most precious golds. Welsh gold is so precious that it has been used by royalty since 1911. Your wife can feel just as precious to you as the precious gold around her neck with any of our beautiful pendants. Our pendants can be worn on any occasion whether it’s to add a touch of elegance to a simple outfit or the finishing touch to evening wear, you can be sure it will compliment any attire.

Mothers looking for a heartfelt gift for their daughters need look no further. A bond between a mother and daughter is unbreakable and a gold pendant or gold necklace is the perfect way to show your daughter that she means the world to you. For instance, is your daughter getting married? Our exquisite pendants are ideal to show your daughter she is still your little girl and you will always be there for her no matter what. Every time she looks at the delicate yet radiant pendant she will think of the most important women in her life – her Mum. At the heart of Clogau is the connection between the Welsh gold we use and its association with the British Royal family and so providing you with a touch of royalty for your little princess.