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Am Byth® 18ct Yelllow Gold Wedding Rings.
Am Byth® 18ct Yelllow Gold Wedding Rings by Clogau

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is a task that requires care, attention and a lot of heart-felt thought. At Clogau our enchanting gold wedding rings are first-class for showing your love and commitment.

Over 150 years ago, gold was
found in the Snowdonia hills. The Clogau St. David’s mine soon became one of the largest and richest mines around, but with this meant that the mine was soon depleted of the tonnes of welsh gold it stored. The gold veins soon became too rare and difficult to find which meant that the Welsh gold we use is now one of the rarest gold’s in the world. We use a touch of this stunning welsh gold in all of our pieces to create the finest high quality jewellery around to ensure that welsh gold is still used to create handcrafted unique jewellery, just as it was all those years ago.

Welsh gold has been worn and adored by the British royal family since 1911 and used to create royal wedding rings since 1923. The tradition started with The Queen Mother’s marriage to the Duke of York on the 26th April 1923. This royal connection shows just how exclusive our jewellery is and assures you of the luxurious quality it has.
What better way to show your partner they are like royalty to you with the beauty and originality of our gold wedding rings. We have these highly sought after rings for both men and women to show love, marriage and commitment.

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