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Welsh Gold Wedding Rings, a Royal Tradition

Knowing where to start when choosing a wedding ring can be a difficult task. A wedding ring is something you will wear for a lifetime so therefore you want it to be perfect and timeless. Here at Clogau we have a stunning collection of gold wedding rings. What makes us stand out from the rest however is that we use a touch of rare welsh gold in each and every one of our rings, and it is welsh gold that has been the choice of the royal family for their wedding rings for 88 years!

In 1923 the first royal ring fashioned from a gift of welsh gold was created for the marriage of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and George VI. Welsh gold was then used as the wedding ring of choice for The Queen in 1947 as well as those of the late Princess Margaret, the Princess Royal and the 1981 marriage of Prince Charles and Diana. Most recently Kate Middleton’s wedding ring has been created for her by the almost exhausted original welsh gold that has fashioned the rings of previous royals carrying the tradition to its 88thyear. It is a touch of this very same rare Welsh gold that is contained within each piece of Clogau gold wedding rings, making it some of the most exclusive jewellery in the world.

Tree of Life Wedding Ring from Clogau
Tree of Life Wedding Ring from Clogau

Gold from the Clogau Saint David’s mine was accidently discovered in 1825, however it is thought that the earliest gold mining activity was as early as 1,000BC. During the 20th century the Clogau mine was Britain’s largest and richest gold mine. There are currently no active gold mines in Wales making welsh gold extremely valuable and wonderfully unique…making our gold wedding rings the perfect wedding ring to symbolise the true beauty of your marriage.

The rarity of the precious welsh gold used to create our stunning rings combined with the fact that our Welsh gold is the choice of royalty proves that there is no better choice than Clogau when choosing a timeless wedding ring. Our luxurious unique jewellery is perfect to show the true love, friendship and life-long commitment between you and your loved one.

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Katherine Kelly opts for a Clogau Wedding Ring

We at Clogau are delighted to see Katherine Kelly chose one of our beautiful rings for her recent wedding.

Katherine, who is best known for playing Becky in Coronation Street and Lady Mae Loxley in Mr Selfridge married her boyfriend, Ryan Clark, an Australian boxer, in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas this month.

Katherine Kelly Wedding Ring
Katherine's Beautiful Clogau Wedding Ring

Katherine chose a beautiful yellow and rose gold Clogau ring as her wedding ring. The ring features three bands of yellow and rose gold which are intertwined through our classic Tree of Life motif. Ryan opted for a traditional 9ct gold band.

Speaking of the special day to Hello! magazine, Katherine said “We’d been laughing and joking all day, then suddenly everything seemed to stop and we tried to get to the words ‘I do’ out without becoming emotional wrecks. It was awesome. I’ll never forget that moment for the rest of my life.”

The wedding, which took place at the famous Little Church of the West, just off the Las Vegas strip, was precisely what Katherine and Ryan had wanted. “I love going to other people’s weddings but I have never desired a big white wedding for myself and it has never been put on me as a pressure, an expectation.”

We’re extremely proud to have been able to play a part in the special day and wish the happy couple all the best as they start their married life together.

If you’d like to see a selection of images from Katherine and Ryan’s wedding, have a look at our album on Facebook:


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Gold Rings – The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are chosen based on a certain material designated to each year of marriage. The first year is symbolized with paper, and with each year the symbol material becomes more precious to reflect the years that a couple have remained together. Fifth being wood, tenth being tin, fifteenth crystal and so on. At fifty years the precious material is gold, here at Clogau, we argue why wait fifty years to surprise your partner with a beautiful gold gift? Whatever year of marriage is approaching, gold rings are a breath taking gift to show your partner what your time together so far means to you.

For centuries the gold ring has been used as an expression of love, commitment and friendship for both men and women. Here at Clogau we have a range of white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold and of course an exquisite selection of 9ct and 18ct gold rings.  The difference with choosing your anniversary gift with us is the touch of very rare Welsh gold contained within each and every piece of our gold jewellery, making it some of the most exclusive, luxurious jewellery in the world. There is no better way to show your partner just how much you love them. With our ever evolving designs and finishes you can be sure that you will find the perfect anniversary gift with us.

Eternal Love Ring from Clogau
Eternal Love Ring from Clogau

The tradition of giving a specific anniversary gift on specific years dates back to the middle ages. Hallmark research has shown that the custom of associating silver with 25 years of marriage and gold with the 50 years of marriage appear to have originated in the Germanic region of Middle Europe. Among the medieval Germans it was tradition for friends to present a wife with a wreath of silver when she had lived with her husband for twenty-five years. On the fiftieth anniversary of the wedding day wives were presented with a wreath of gold. Hence arose the expressions ‘silver wedding’ and ‘golden wedding.’

We believe that our selections of gold rings are a beautiful and timeless gift for any special occasion particularly for an occasion as special as a wedding anniversary… no matter how many years!

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Lockets are the Perfect Gold Pendants for a Loved One

Gold pendants are one of the oldest forms of jewellery known, however, despite this, they are still increasingly popular in society today. One form of pendant that is especially increasing in popularity is that of the locket. A locket is a pendant that opens up to reveal a space which is then used to store a photograph or small item, such as a lock of hair. As with gold pendants, lockets are generally worn on chains around the neck. Due to the sentimental nature of the pendants, many choose to place a photo of the person who gave them the jewellery inside.

Tree of Life Locket from Clogau
Tree of Life Locket from Clogau

Lockets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and metals. From ovals, circles and hearts to white, rose and yellow gold, at Clogau we have the perfect locket for your loved one. As with all of our gold pendants, all of our lockets are beautifully finished and expertly handcrafted.

Our Cariad locket is a beautiful heart-shaped pendant where you can keep a special memento close to your heart at all times. Across the front of the locket, the Welsh word Cariad has been carefully inscribed meaning love, beloved, darling or sweetheart. This stunning gold pendant contains a touch of rare Welsh Gold – the Gold of Royalty for over 100 years.

For those that like a more intricate design, our delicate Kensington Locket maybe more appealing. This beautiful gold pendant is adorned with a majestic filigree design in the style of the 19th century gates of Kensington Palace. This charming piece of jewellery, as with the Cariad locket, contains a touch of Welsh gold.

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Presenting Clogau’s Brand New ring-sizer App

Thinking of proposing? Worried about getting the wrong size ring? You needn’t fret any longer thanks to the new easy-to-use ring sizer app from Clogau.

All too often we waste hours searching for the perfect ring, only to find out that it doesn’t fit when your loved one finally tries it on; dampening what should be a perfect moment.

At Clogau we’ve devised an app that removes the stress and allows you to enjoy the special process of searching for, choosing and buying the ring that your partner will cherish forever.

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Gold Rings and the Right-Hand Trend for Singles

Right-hand rings are the accessory of the moment. Heidi Klum’s done it, Jessica Biel’s done it and the Duchess of Cambridge caused much excitement earlier this year when she was seen sporting a ruby and gold ring on her right hand. And the current trend for right-hand decoration doesn’t stop at gold rings either: from rhodium to platinum to sterling silver, these fashion statements have been causing a storm. Why? Well, many people see them as a direct challenge to the tradition of wearing rings on your left-hand ring finger to signify engagement or marriage.

The Origins of the Right-Hand Ring

Contrary to what you might think, 21st-century celebrities such as Beyonce did not start the right-hand ring trend. For many cultures in the world, gold wedding rings are worn on the right hand rather than the left, as is common in Western society. Eastern European countries such as Greece and Poland retain this habit as part of their faith, while in India brides have been known to extend this tradition to their right-foot toes.

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Gold Wedding Rings: A Guide to Re-sizing

You’ve finally found the perfect gold wedding rings for you and your partner but what if they don’t sit right on your finger? Or perhaps you’ve treasured your wedding band for many years, but the fit is not as good as it was. Other jewellery such as gold pendants should retain the same fit over the years but weight change, pregnancy, illness or age can make it difficult to wear rings. Fortunately, there is a way you can solve the problem without having to give up wearing your most prized possession.

Gold Wedding Rings from Clogau
Gold Wedding Rings from Clogau

Most jewellers will re-size your gold rings for free if you purchased the ring new from their store. However, there does tend to be a guarantee period, so check this when you buy. If you need to take a ring into a different store, they will usually be happy to do it for a minimal fee.

The Re-sizing Process

There are two ways in which gold wedding rings can be re-sized. One is by cutting into the metal itself. To enlarge a band, the jeweller cuts into the base to make a break in the ring, then applies heat to enable it to be opened. A small piece of gold called the ‘stock’ is then inserted and welded into place. To reduce a ring’s size, the jeweller simply makes two cuts so that a small section is removed from the ring, then repeats the welding process.

Some jewellers prefer to re-size without making any incisions. This is done by stretching and moulding the metal when it’s hot. First, the metal is heated and then placed in water to cool, so it becomes more malleable. The jeweller then either uses a tapered ring-sizing pole and a mallet to gently tap the ring to the required size or a wedding-band stretcher to enlarge or compress the ring.