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You’ve finally found the perfect gold wedding rings for you and your partner but what if they don’t sit right on your finger? Or perhaps you’ve treasured your wedding band for many years, but the fit is not as good as it was. Other jewellery such as gold pendants should retain the same fit over the years but weight change, pregnancy, illness or age can make it difficult to wear rings. Fortunately, there is a way you can solve the problem without having to give up wearing your most prized possession.

Gold Wedding Rings from Clogau

Gold Wedding Rings from Clogau

Most jewellers will re-size your gold rings for free if you purchased the ring new from their store. However, there does tend to be a guarantee period, so check this when you buy. If you need to take a ring into a different store, they will usually be happy to do it for a minimal fee.

The Re-sizing Process

There are two ways in which gold wedding rings can be re-sized. One is by cutting into the metal itself. To enlarge a band, the jeweller cuts into the base to make a break in the ring, then applies heat to enable it to be opened. A small piece of gold called the ‘stock’ is then inserted and welded into place. To reduce a ring’s size, the jeweller simply makes two cuts so that a small section is removed from the ring, then repeats the welding process.

Some jewellers prefer to re-size without making any incisions. This is done by stretching and moulding the metal when it’s hot. First, the metal is heated and then placed in water to cool, so it becomes more malleable. The jeweller then either uses a tapered ring-sizing pole and a mallet to gently tap the ring to the required size or a wedding-band stretcher to enlarge or compress the ring.

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