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Stand out this Autumn with Clogau white and rose Gold

Jewellery connoisseurs following the latest fashion trends should keep unusual jewellery choices on their radars for autumn/winter 2013.  Here, we take a look at white gold rings and rose gold bangles and charm bracelet as great examples of how you can follow the fashion.

With white gold, you can compliment a current jewellery collection or be bold and diverge from the classic platinum or yellow gold.  One of the more popular options here at Clogau Gold is the larger, high-fashion white gold rings like this stunning piece. The glorious depth of the blue sapphire has the effect of making the ring look almost antique-like, resembling an heirloom.

This ring was designed in celebration of the engagement, and subsequent wedding, of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, taking its inspiration from their engagement ring (originally belonging to the late Princess Diana) and even in 2013, this is still an extremely popular look, standing out from the crowd of yellow gold.

It has also become popular to incorporate different gold metals together in wedding bands. Both men and women may choose to have yellow, white and rose gold incorporated into their wedding or engagement bands.  By opting for white gold rings or a combination for a wedding band, you can be sure to capture that unique piece to represent your unique love.

Bringing rose gold into your jewellery collection is a fabulous statement this autumn/winter. The striking colour contrasts perfectly with autumn colours such as pumpkin, cranberry and plum. You may be tempted to bring a new piece into your collection that incorporates the rose gold, like one of the Clogau bangles. Or another easy but effective way to accomplish the union of rose gold with your jewellery collection would be to include rose gold charms to your Clogau charm bracelet. We have a vast variety of charms on offer, plus for you true Londoners out there we have some fabulous charms of Big Ben, a London taxi and many more. So whatever your preference we have over 100 charms for you to choose from, enjoy!