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What is white gold & how do we care for our stunning white gold rings?

Tree of Life Diamond earrings
Tree of Life Diamond earrings

The jewellery we wear is a stamp of our personalities, our lives and our passions. Whether we’ve purchased the items ourselves or have had a memorable and precious moment with our partners or any close family member or friend where the exchange of beautiful jewellery has been made. Each piece has a story behind it, a meaning and thus, a memory. White gold in particular has become a popular metal of choice lately and keeping white gold rings, pendants, earrings and other items in good condition can be tricky. Here at Clogau, we wanted to share a few tips to help keep your Clogau jewellery at its best.

Before we start, let’s have a look at what white gold actually is. White gold rings are of course not pure gold, but are an alloy of gold and more often than not, nickel, palladium or silver. Whatever combination the alloy is, it still remains a yellowy colour. To get the clear whiter colour, they are then plated with rhodium. Rhodium being highly reflective, extremely durable and does not tarnish easily.

Over the years however, natural erosion can occur. The main concern is with the rhodium wearing off. Thankfully, re-plating your beautiful jewellery with rhodium once more is relatively easy and cheap.

In between these times, there are a few things you can do to extend the rhodium’s life. White gold wedding rings for example can be cleaned using a solution of equal parts ammonia and water, although if your wedding rings have any pearls or gems, please ask your local jewellers for advice.

Clogau Princess Engagement ring
Clogau Princess Engagement ring

If you have concerns about using ammonia solutions, you could use an ultrasonic machine which uses water and vibrations to clean intricate jewellery pieces.

Perhaps the best way of keeping your jewellery at show room standard, is to store it in a cloth box. Although this is not easily done as we of course want to wear our jewellery! However, a quick wipe down with a dust cloth and storing in a box when not in use, or at times when you know you will be handling chemicals or are likely to do be taking part in activities that may risk your items, will help.

If you would like any advice on how to care for your white gold rings, or perhaps other items such as gold wedding rings and silver eternity rings, please contact us here at Clogau. We are all very proud of each piece of Clogau jewellery and are more than happy to advise where required.

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Gold pendants fit for Royalty

Royal Roses Pendant
Royal Roses Pendant

If you want to give a gift this Christmas that is totally unique and different from any of the predictable gifts you give year in year out, then look no further than Clogau. Perhaps this year you want to go the extra mile when showing someone how much they mean to you. You want to create that breath taking moment when that special person opens their gift and sees a truly magical, special and one of a kind item of jewellery. To create these moments, consider a beautiful gold pendant from Clogau.

So what makes our gold pendants so special? Well, let’s start with the fact that these pendants are completely out of the ordinary. In fact, they are made from rare Welsh Gold from Snowdonia making them a more uniquely precious sentiment. With our gold pendants you know you are giving a gift completely different from the usual choices. Instead of badly themed socks or baggy novelty jumpers, you are giving a stunning item of jewellery that will grab everybodys’ attention with its distinctive unique appeal. If you give an item of jewellery that is worn and seen on people everyday, this is a nice gesture. If you give gold pendants that are rare and beautiful, this is an amazing gesture. What it does is suggest that that person is not just any one to you, they are hard to find and precious to keep, just like our rare gold pendants.

Altough we are proud of how rare the welsh gold in our jewellery is; it is always a popular choice amongst a certain group – Royalty, that is. That’s right, welsh gold has been the choice for gold wedding rings amongst royalty for generations. Perhaps it is the luxurious and elegant look it imbues, along with the uniqueness that makes it the number one choice for Royalty. Certain fashionable jewellery items may be popular among celebrities, but what better standard can be set than giving a gold pendant that uses the same welsh gold worn by Royalty?

What makes our pendants even more special is how every individual one is unique so you are sure to find the one that is perfect for your loved one. We have gold rings and pendants that can express any kind of love – whether it be for a partner, friend, sibling, parents, children. For instance, our diamond encrusted eternal love pendant is sure to take your loved ones’ breath away this Christmas. And our Swan Royal Pendants and Royal Roses Pendants are an elegant choice this Christmas which will make your loved one feel like royalty.

We also have traditional pendants that can have a special meaning attached. For instance, our fairy and butterfly pendants are a popular choice that can show someone just how special they are to you. Or why not make the most of the the Welsh roots of our gold pendants? In this case, our Welsh dragon pendant is a special gift for those proud of their heritage.

To see more of our wonderful range of gold pendants, visit our website today.

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The Rich Heritage of Gold Wedding Rings

Whether you are looking for gold wedding rings as a couple, or perhaps considering purchasing some beautiful gold pendants to mark a special occasion or as a gift, a well-chosen piece of gold jewellery can last a lifetime. Learning a little about the fascinating heritage of gold can make the process of finding the perfect piece even more special. Be sure to also arm yourself with some practical knowledge before you make your purchase.

Ancient History

Am Byth Wedding Ring
Am Byth Wedding Ring

For hundreds of years, gold has been one of the most sought-after metals in the world. Records show that gold has long been regarded as the perfect choice for exclusive pieces of jewellery. This long history explains its standing as one of our best-loved metals. The oldest pieces of gold still in existence were found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians and date from the third millennium BC. These amazing artefacts are proof of just how advanced Egyptian craftsmanship was. The Romans were also very fond of gold and used it to make beautiful necklaces and coins bearing the image of their emperors. Gold continues to be as highly regarded today as it has been for millennia.


A wedding ring is the physical representation of the institution of marriage. The circular form of a wedding ring represents eternity. The exchange of wedding rings symbolises the couple’s commitment to eternal love.


Gold does not tarnish, which makes it perfect for noteworthy or sentimental objects. Good-quality gold wedding rings will last a lifetime. Many families pass their gold wedding rings down for generations. It is advisable to invest as much as you can when purchasing gold jewellery, to make sure your investment is secure. The weightier the piece and the higher the karat rating, the more expensive the piece will be.

Gold is a comparatively rare substance, which makes it distinctive. Traditional yellow gold is undergoing a surge in popularity at the moment. Whatever your personal taste in gold rings, there is a vast array of styles, colours and designs currently available. Gold is a particularly easy metal to work, so you could consider designing your own gold wedding rings and having them crafted by an experienced artisan jeweller.

Contact our friendly and helpful team for more information.

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The Gold Standard – Buying Gold Rings and Jewellery

Today, we’re going to carry out a brief review of the key features to look out for when you’re looking at gold rings:


Pure gold is synonymous with style and class. Easy to wear, it will not tarnish and can be easily worked into any shape. Gold is an extremely strong metal, making it perfect for everyday wear. Gold wedding rings are a popular choice.


The purity of gold is expressed in carats (ct). Each piece will be individually marked. The higher the carat number, the purer the gold is. 24ct gold is pure gold and is therefore the most sought after and expensive. Lower carat ratings relate to gold and one or more other metal and will be marked in descending order from 18 to 10 carat. In addition to the carat mark, there will usually be a further marking such as a hallmark that references the maker of the gold rings or other jewellery.

Love Vine Ring
Love Vine Ring

Pure Gold

Whilst pure gold is the most expensive, it is not necessarily the best choice for pieces that are intended to be worn every day. This is because pure gold is soft as it has not been mixed with another harder metal to increase its durability.


Gold rings come in many styles and widths. Gold rings can be designed by artisan jewellers to any specification. Many people choose to have their rings engraved. On gold wedding rings this can be the wedding date or a private phrase, resulting in a truly unique piece.


When gold is mixed with one or more other metals, it is referred to as an alloy. Alloys are stronger and harder wearing. The colour of the finished metal can also be changed, depending on what metal the gold is mixed with. For example, white gold is a mixture of gold and palladium or nickel. The addition of copper results in a beautiful rosy-coloured gold.

Tree of Life Wedding Ring
Tree of Life Wedding Ring


Gold can be used as a coating on less expensive metals, resulting in a far more inexpensive product that still looks authentic. Gold-plated jewellery such as gold rings or gold pendants are suitable for occasional wear, as frequent use will wear the gold layer away. So buying a gold-plated wedding ring is not advisable, especially if you are prone to metal allergies.


When buying gold, always buy the best quality that you can afford. Good-quality gold rings and other jewellery will last a lifetime and make an excellent investment.