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Today, we’re going to carry out a brief review of the key features to look out for when you’re looking at gold rings:


Pure gold is synonymous with style and class. Easy to wear, it will not tarnish and can be easily worked into any shape. Gold is an extremely strong metal, making it perfect for everyday wear. Gold wedding rings are a popular choice.


The purity of gold is expressed in carats (ct). Each piece will be individually marked. The higher the carat number, the purer the gold is. 24ct gold is pure gold and is therefore the most sought after and expensive. Lower carat ratings relate to gold and one or more other metal and will be marked in descending order from 18 to 10 carat. In addition to the carat mark, there will usually be a further marking such as a hallmark that references the maker of the gold rings or other jewellery.

Love Vine Ring

Love Vine Ring

Pure Gold

Whilst pure gold is the most expensive, it is not necessarily the best choice for pieces that are intended to be worn every day. This is because pure gold is soft as it has not been mixed with another harder metal to increase its durability.


Gold rings come in many styles and widths. Gold rings can be designed by artisan jewellers to any specification. Many people choose to have their rings engraved. On gold wedding rings this can be the wedding date or a private phrase, resulting in a truly unique piece.


When gold is mixed with one or more other metals, it is referred to as an alloy. Alloys are stronger and harder wearing. The colour of the finished metal can also be changed, depending on what metal the gold is mixed with. For example, white gold is a mixture of gold and palladium or nickel. The addition of copper results in a beautiful rosy-coloured gold.

Tree of Life Wedding Ring

Tree of Life Wedding Ring


Gold can be used as a coating on less expensive metals, resulting in a far more inexpensive product that still looks authentic. Gold-plated jewellery such as gold rings or gold pendants are suitable for occasional wear, as frequent use will wear the gold layer away. So buying a gold-plated wedding ring is not advisable, especially if you are prone to metal allergies.


When buying gold, always buy the best quality that you can afford. Good-quality gold rings and other jewellery will last a lifetime and make an excellent investment.