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Do you need a few very last minute Christmas gifts?

It’s that frantic time of year again when everyone is dashing around desperately trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. It happens every year, Christmas seems so far away yet within what feels like minutes it has sprung upon us once again and we are quickly running out of time to buy the gifts.

In a bid to try and banish those panics we have grouped together some of our gorgeous items that will help you find the perfect presents on any budget!

First to dazzle us with their beauty are our customer favourites. If you don’t know which Clogau piece to choose? Then take a hint from our other customers and try one of their favourites! Perhaps the sterling silver and rose gold Fairy Locket inspired by ancient tales of Welsh fairies will be the perfect surprise or maybe the Am Byth ring is the only way to say ‘forever’ this Christmas.

Moving on to our vast array of gold and silver bead charms. It is safe to say that with a Clogau bead charm bracelet you’ll never be stuck for gifts again! When you’ve reached a significant milestone in your life, a Clogau bead charm acts as the most perfect reminder of the special event in a most beautiful and personal way. What better than to treat your loved one to a gift this Christmas to mark a special moment you have shared together.

Be wise and give the gift of gold. Make your loved one’s heart burst with joy and excitement this Christmas with a piece of gold Clogau jewellery… and they’ll love the person who bought it too! From simple heart-shaped romantic tokens to lavish diamond encrusted filigree pieces, each item has been carefully and expertly handcrafted with the highest quality gold containing a touch of rare Welsh gold – the gold of Royalty.

For the lady who loves diamonds! The most exquisite pendants we’ve ever created, lavished with diamonds, 18ct gold, platinum and rare Welsh gold. Our gold pendants and necklaces, encrusted with diamonds, contain a warm rose lustre – a unique feature of all Clogau jewellery.

Luxury with a capital L. Is there anything more exciting than seeing the look on your loved one’s face as they open a beautifully packaged Clogau box and find a luxurious Clogau diamond ring inside? At Clogau, we marry stunning diamonds with a variety of contemporary and classic designs in yellow, white and rose gold to create unique jewellery of the highest order.

Finally, for those of you who are on a budget, we haven’t forgotten about you! We have some Beautiful, unique, handcrafted, and affordable pieces of Clogau jewellery all under £100! Perhaps our brand new Am Byth perfume will tick all the boxes with its beautiful ‘forever’ sentiment.

We hope we have provided some useful tips for your Christmas gifts and if you would like to see more of our ideas visit the Clogau gift ideas page.

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Why Gold Wedding Rings Are Wedding-Day Winners

Tree of Life Wedding Ring
Tree of Life Wedding Ring

Of all the separate items you must pull together for your wedding, the choosing of wedding rings is one of the most important and far-reaching. Gold wedding rings remain a firm favourite, and for good reason: the history, romance, tradition and lasting quality of gold underpin the sentiments and hopes that form the foundation of most marriages.

Alternative Choices

Not everyone is attracted to traditional yellow gold wedding rings. For those that still want a precious metal but are looking for something a little different, white gold rings perfectly fill the gap. In terms of cost it’s similar to yellow gold, so you can get the silvery look you love without paying the much higher price of platinum. White gold is actually an alloy of yellow gold with other metals such as nickel, palladium, manganese or platinum. It’s then given a plating of rhodium to give it the silvery bright finish we’re all familiar with. Without the rhodium, white gold would appear dull with a grey, brown or even pink tinge. Since some people can develop an allergic reaction to nickel in jewellery, it’s usually not included in modern white gold rings, although it may be present in vintage or antique rings.

Gold Gifts for Wedding Guests

Everyone wants their wedding to be remembered through the years, and for this reason it’s common for the bride and groom to give lasting gifts to guests or other key players in the ceremony, such as bridesmaids, flower girls or the parents of bride and groom.

Gold pendants are an ideal choice. Simple designs appeal to most people and create a lovely surprise for everyone who receives such a gift. Heart-shaped pendants are ideally suited to the wedding theme, and the love heart is a motif that’s acceptable to just about everyone.

We have lots of choices for both wedding rings and gold pendants, so feel free to explore our website and browse our range.

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Vintage style Gold rings match a range of fashion styles

Dwynwen Heart Pendant
Dwynwen Heart Pendant

If you love your retro clothes or can’t let go of the “Boho” look then opting for retro-styled gold rings makes perfect sense to complete your look. Here at Clogau Gold we have a range of rings that fit the bill perfectly, such as our gorgeous selection of Celtic themed gold rings.  The beauty of the Celtic themes is that they are not only beautiful but full of meaning, with the interwoven strands representing the continual overlapping of either separate parts of life or of two people.

While the Boho Chic fashion trend may have reached its nadir in 2009, there are many who have taken the style to heart and continue to wear it in their everyday wardrobe. The trend has also seen a mild revival in the form of festival wear, which surfaces each summer in the UK. Clogau’s rose gold rings make for great accessories for this style, as our range includes many pieces inspired by nature including both leaf and vine based designs. We also stock a great range of gold pendants that also fit the natural themes present across the Boho trend as a whole. Here at Clogau many of our pieces include rose gold as an integral part of the design. This variation of standard gold gives a softer effect than the traditional sheen; it also works really well with white gold to create a beautiful contrast within pieces of jewellery.

Tree of Life Pearl Ring
Tree of Life Pearl Ring

The retro look covers anything older than 15 years, so now even nineties pieces can be considered retro. But in terms of jewellery the retro styles that really capture people’s imaginations tend to come from the twenties and thirties, when art deco was all the range creating pieces of jewellery with sharp lines and contrasting inlays, which is at odds with the modern fashion of curves and continuity. As the option to sell gold items for quick cash has become a popular choice, many antique rings will no doubt have been melted for their gold content and as such lost. This means that many people looking for retro designs will have to buy new rather trawl the antique shops.