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So Christmas has been and gone and we are into a brand new year!

This inevitably means that it’s that time of year again when we take a fresh look at our collections and decide which pieces will be discontinued to make room for our new unique jewellery in the Spring.

We thought we’d let you know that we are about to discontinue some items that you may have either bought from us, or shown an interest in, such as items from the Seren collection.

We wanted to give you the opportunity to complete your collection whilst stocks are still available as once they are gone, they won’t be coming back.

From Welsh origin, the word seren is translated into English to mean star. Eight points, originating from early astronomy, universally signifies a sense of balance, harmony and unity that is found among natures creations. And harmony is definitely what we are looking for in January after the frantic festivities Christmas threw our way. However amongst all the dieting and exercising we lose track of time and out of nowhere Valentine’s Day is upon us once again! So if you are one of those people who would appreciate a little helping hand in the gift department, look no further.

An item from our Seren collection is a fabulous gift whether you want to show your love for your partner, celebrate the unity of your relationship with a friend, or congratulate someone on a fantastic achievement and generally let them know how much of a star you think they are.

Available in the Seren collection are, gold and silver earrings and rings, a diamond and rose gold pendant, a yellow and rose gold pendant, a silver and rose gold bracelet, PLUS two beautiful bead charms. Plenty of choice!

The following items will soon be discontinued, so come and have a look https://www.clogau.co.uk/Collections/Seren.aspx



Seren collection

Seren collection


Discontinued stock will remain available from Clogau until 1 February 2014 or until stocks run out. Any remaining discontinued stock will be sent, at some time this year, to our outlets and will then be available there, again, until stocks run out. Some items are already low stock so may not be supplied to our outlets at all. This is ultimately your last chance to purchase discontinued items.