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Storytelling through beautiful, unique jewellery is at the very heart of Clogau. You will fall in love and celebrate love with these beautiful keepsakes. Each piece is inspired by a wonderful story and touched with rare Welsh gold.

The Clogau fairytale is inspired by ancient tales of romance and love, and filled with chapters that beautifully complement our jewellery collections. Our Am Byth chapter celebrates love, the endless commitment between two people who vow to love eternally and thus marking those feelings and moments with gorgeous pieces of unique jewellery.

On finding his Princess, the Prince knew that beautiful Clogau jewellery would be the most precious gift to give. Yellow and rose gold filigree pieces set with sparkling diamonds. Heart and harp inspired pieces to remind her of his love. Beautiful key pendants that she could keep close to her heart, each containing a note with a secret message. All these were given with love and the words “Cariad am byth”, “My darling forever”.

Am Byth, the welsh translation of ‘forever’, is a signature Clogau collection, set within the larger Am Byth chapter, featuring some of our most exceptional jewellery. Harnessing expert handcraftmanship and breathtaking designs, each piece contains a touch of rare Welsh gold. Am Byth is the perfect way to say ‘forever’.

Am Byth Ring

Am Byth Ring

One of the key items within the Am Byth collection is one of Clogau’s most remarkable pieces of jewellery to-date, the 18ct Am Byth ring. It has been recognised by influential voices in the fashion industry such as ‘Vogue’.

Beautifully depicting the ever-evolving nature of life, rose gold berries and vines represent new life forms that intertwine and evolve from the old, creating ever more beautiful natural shapes.

In-between the Tree of Life filigree, running along the entirety of the ring, is an 18ct yellow gold band set with 30-35 (depending on ring size) brilliant cut diamonds.

Contained within this ring is a touch of rare Welsh gold, giving the Am Byth ring a unique connection to the natural beauty of Wales and creating it into a piece of jewellery to treasure forever.

Another stunning item within the collection is the beautifully elegant Am Byth pendant, the rose gold pendant features a bullet-shaped Tree of Life filigree, representing life’s most beautiful and natural formations. The pendant is adorned with 36 diamonds.

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