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Jewellery to add a Spring to your step…

At the beginning of February we very proudly launched 82 new pieces of unique jewellery into our Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

The 82 new items consist of 32 new pendants, 22 new rings, and 14 new pairs of earrings.

Here are some highlights from the new arrivals…

Fairy Pendant
Fairy Pendant

Fairy pendant
Inspired by ancient tales of Welsh fairies, this new locket features a beautiful silver fairy, enclosed within Tree of Life filigree vines.

Set within the 9ct rose gold vines is a touch of rare Welsh gold from Snowdonia. These elegant filigrees protect the fairy from harm in the most beautiful way.

Tree of Life rings
Three new rings within our most iconic and quintessential range, feature rose gold vines with rare Welsh gold, high quality diamonds, the finest 18ct white gold, sterling silver and white topaz.

Love Circles – a new collection
Capture your loved one’s name in a circle, a symbol of love and contentment, by engraving their name on the back of these beautiful diamond set pendants that each carry the beautiful Welsh sentiment, “Am Byth”, meaning forever.

Imperial Rose – made to order
Inspired by the ancient goddesses of love – Aphrodite and Venus – this exquisitely beautiful four-piece collection has been handcrafted from the finest 18ct white and rose gold.

Each piece is encrusted with numerous high quality sparkling diamonds – guaranteed to give the wearer a big “wow” factor.

Crown Princess Earrings
Crown Princess Earrings

Crown Princess – made to order
Expertly handcrafted using beautiful 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, the Crown Princess collection is stylish and sophisticated in equal measure.

Hundreds of high quality diamonds encase intricate filigree designs which proudly adorn several rubies and emeralds. The result is a jaw-droppingly elegant collection.

Head over to our website to have a look at some more of our brand new items!

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Thinking of a Valentine’s proposal?

The Prince asked the Princess to marry him, giving her a beautiful rose gold and diamond ring. On their wedding day they exchanged their bands, each containing a touch of rare Welsh gold of Royalty and inscribed with the word ‘Cariad’.

The most romantic day of the year is coming up, are you thinking of popping the question?

Engagements are a moment that many people dream about for a lifetime. Where will it happen? When? How? Most of all, the element of surprise.

Perhaps your engagement will take a playful turn, or you may pop the question in your favourite, most romantic setting where no frills are needed.

Although we are completely confident that you have thoroughly thought about the how, where, and the when, there may just be a couple of minor aspects that have skipped your mind….

Seek a Blessing

Traditional though it may sound, asking for the Father’s blessing can be very important to your wife-to-be.

Choosing the Ring

How much you choose to spend on the ring, obviously, is completely at your discretion. However, take note; this is THE most important piece of jewellery in a woman’s life that she will treasure forever, and equally will be the first thing her family and friends will ask to see when they hear the news!

Perhaps you would prefer to choose the ring yourself, or to choose a temporary object, and then you can both choose a ring together later on. If you choose the former, be prepared that she might want to pick out something different from what you have chosen – don’t be offended!

Finding the ring size – seems like a rather daunting prospect doesn’t it, all the sneaking around. Do not fret; you have a few options here. You can go down the sneaky route as we mention and choose a ring from her jewellery box and use our ring sizer app to find out it’s size. Or you could ask a close friend to play detective for the day and find out the size. Alternatively, if the secretive avenue is not your bag, ask for her ring size or ask her for a ring and measure it on our ring sizer app.  Needless to say the latter option is not very subtle!

Does she prefer yellow or white gold? Does she like classic or contemporary? A statement or demure piece? What cut of diamond is her favourite? So. Many. Questions. But don’t panic all questions can be answered by having a quick look in her jewellery box. Be confident, you know this lady better than anyone so have faith in your ability to choose the perfect ring, and what’s more if you have chosen it, this will make the ring all the more beautiful in her eyes.

On a side note, when buying your ring, don’t forget to ask what the returns policy is to check whether/how you can return the ring for an alternative style or size – just in case!

The Proposal

There are so many options these days to make your proposal quirky and different, but we are inclined to suggest taking a step back.

Think about your feelings for your wife/husband to be, think of your relationship and the moments you have shared that have led to this day. You may prefer an intimate proposal just involving the two of you, or an audience of your friends and family. Whatever you decide, honour your relationship and enjoy every second of this beautiful sentiment.

Good Luck!