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The Clogau Wales Polo Team are back for Wales’ most glamorous social event!

Following our very exciting news that we have signed another 3 year sponsorship agreement with the Wales Polo Team and Association, we are thrilled to be telling you about a fabulous upcoming event that we hope you will interested in hearing about!

The refined aesthetic of polo, a sport steeped in rich heritage and tradition is not only a key part of our brand DNA and reflects our ties to Wales and royalty, but has also inspired our stylish Wales Polo collection.

Wales Polo Collections
Wales Polo Collection

As the official sponsor of the Wales Polo team, whose 1st patron is His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, we are delighted that one of the most glamorous events on Wales’ social calendar is back this summer.

Castell Polo presents The Celtic Cup that will take place within the historic grounds of Fonmon Castle on Sunday 8th June 2014, where Wales will take on Ireland to win the trophy in a day of professional fast-paced polo matches.

Ricky Cooper, captain of the Wales Polo Team said: “We haven’t played on home soil for over two years and we’re excited that Castell Polo are providing us with the opportunity to play in Wales, despite playing throughout the world in amazing places such as Argentina and Texas there’s no place like home!”

The prestigious event is the perfect occasion for anyone who is looking for a fun and sophisticated day – sit back, relax and enjoy delicious cocktails from Lab22’s stylish pop-up bar, and watch some exciting Polo matches!

The proceeding month we will be hosting an evening soirée in our new store in Cardiff to toast the team and wish them every success this season.

If you would like to support Wales polo team and enjoy a unique day out purchase hospitality or picnic tickets via

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Blossom this Spring with our Forget-Me-Not collection

As a nod to our beautiful new collection we are celebrating the very best of Spring with our interpretation of the Forget-Me-Not blossom and the 5 joys of spring it represents.

Spring is…blossoming flowers

Since the early 15th century, forget-me-nots have been worn as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. In the Victorian ‘Language of Flowers’ it is the blossom that represents true love. These beautiful yellow gold pieces are set with sparkling blue topaz, symbolising blossoming romance, love and affection. A stunning Springtime addition to any outfit and occasion.

A time to prosper

If you’re feeling fortunate or successful this Spring, this stunning Royal Clogau Tree of Life Diamond eternity ring brings together the purity of white gold with the raw, eye-catching appeal of rose gold.

Totalling 1.88ct, including 8 magnificent 5pt diamonds set in 18ct white and rose gold, this ring captures the essence of Royal Clogau, having been expertly handcrafted and looking both stylish and sophisticated.

Natural flourishes

The Butterfly pendant represents freedom, fun and natural beauty. Just like a butterfly, we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

Providing a statement piece of jewellery that can be worn during both formal and informal occasions, the silver Butterfly pendant contains a touch of rare Welsh gold and is accented with sparkling topaz and peridots.

The season of hope

Intricately handcrafted, the Key Notes pendant features an elegant Tree of Life filigree design, representing life’s most beautiful and natural formations.

The sterling silver and 9ct rose gold Key Notes pendant can be opened up to reveal a hidden space in which a special message denoting love, hope and happiness can be stored.

With endless possibilities, the Key Notes pendant can be used to hold a proposal, birthday wishes or a memorable date, which can then be treasured forever.

A time to thrive

As ancient as the landscape itself, the presence of the Welsh breeze – or Awelon in Welsh, is revealed by the delicate motion of one of its ancient wooded ancestors, the trees.

The silver and rose gold Awelon ring is set with a sparkling peridot stone, inspired by the leaves of the trees.