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Perfection encapsulated for eternity

“Music is the expression of harmony in sound. Love is the expression of harmony in life.” Stephen F. Gaskin

When two hearts meet, when two melodies sing in harmony a beautiful composition evolves. Celebrate the love you share and the commitment you have with each other by composing your own bespoke engagement ring. The giving and receiving of a personal celebratory token, a commitment ring that you can compose together – is the ultimate expression of your love, hopes and dreams and a reflection on your life together, unified in a personal heirloom piece.

To tie in with our 25th anniversary celebrations, we are launching a bespoke engagement ring creator, Clogau Compose. The collection will be displayed at The Jewellery & Watch Show 2014 at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 18 – 19 June.

The Clogau Compose experience begins with hand-picking from a variety of options in the dedicated Point-of-Sale unit including; gold type (yellow or white), caratage (9ct and 18ct), style (currently a choice of six), plus diamond cut, colour and clarity. Customizing each element allows you to build a ring suitable to your style and budget. Seeing the elements put together captures dreams and wishes in a stunning composition – a perfect and original heirloom piece.

Clogau Compose captures a new and innovative way to choose and purchase engagement rings; from touching and trying a huge variety of styles in store, to working through the selection process on the web app.The rings sit alongside a built in iPad, which runs the app to complete the experience and allows you to order and email yourself your Clogau Compose engagement ring to share with friends and family. The Clogau Compose unit also hosts a selection of six complementary wedding rings so you can try your rings on together to complete your dream.

As a sneak peek of our brand new bespoke service we have installed one of the Clogau Compose units in our flagship store in Cardiff – giving you the perfect opportunity to have an exclusive look at the designs and experience the service before it is launched to the masses!

Clogau Compose
Clogau Compose

Ben Roberts, our Managing Director talks about the inspiration behind Clogau Compose:

“The giving and receiving of a personal celebratory gift, a commitment ring that you can compose together – is the ultimate expression of your love and devotion. From a huge variety of diamonds, Clogau have hand-picked their best in terms of clarity, carat and price. The carefully selected diamond can then be setwithin a choice of band styles, gold colour, and caratage, offering endless composable possibilities for the customer at a price they are willing to pay. For these reasons, we are now able to offer to the market a fully composable solution at a more competitive price than we were previously able to do.”

Clogau are currently working with Holition, an award winning digital creative studio specialising in emerging technologies to deliver a new cutting edge app to enable potential Clogau Compose customers to engage with the various composable elements to make up their perfect and personal ring, whilst ensuring the end product is within their budget. Holition’s solution will bring audiences closer to our brand, connecting digital to retail by delivering memorable retail experiences online, in-store and through mobile.

Clogau Compose bespoke engagement ring creator will launch on 1st August.