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A New Take on our Collection to Remember

Happily gracing the rocky gardens of Wales, the bright and delicate Welsh poppy has provided the inspiration for our new take on the exquisite Welsh Poppy collection.

The new Welsh Poppy pieces capture the beauty of the iconic flower with its elegantly curved petals, and sparkling black diamonds and rubies. Adorned in 9ct yellow and rose gold, these exquisite pieces contain rare Welsh gold – the Gold of Royalty for over 100 years.


As part of this beautiful collection, we will be launching our special edition Welsh Poppy pin. This beautifully hand finished gold and diamond pin is limited to 1918 pieces and contains rare Welsh gold from Snowdonia – an exquisite heirloom to be treasured by future generations.


The collection provides an emblem of remembrance, dedication and appreciation for those who sacrifice themselves for the lives of the ones they love. and we are proud to support the Welsh charity, HTW Support who assist veterans to cope with life after the forces and helping families across Wales with emotional support as well as practical support. £10 of each Welsh Poppy piece sold will be donated to HTW Support.

Carol Richards from HTW Support talks about the association with us here at Clogau:

“As a Welsh Armed Forces Charity helping our ex servicemen and women, HTW Support is pleased and proud to be sponsored by Clogau.

The donations received from sales of Clogau’s beautiful Welsh Poppy range will directly support those Veterans who are suffering and enhance their quality of life”.