Shopping for jewellery isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially if you are unsure as to your partner’s preference. Gold pendants usually represent a fairly safe bet and unlike gold rings, you don’t need to worry about the fit. However, there are a few factors including chain length and pendant design that merit consideration before heading for the stores.


Clogau Daffodil gold pendant (item code: DP3)

Clogau Daffodil gold pendant (item code: DP3)

Depending on where you shop, chain length for most necklaces is divided into at least three different categories. Choker length is usually around 13 – 16 inches, although some without drops can be made as short as 10 inches. Pendant chokers can be seen at all times and can add a touch of evening glamour to the most casual of outfits.

Princess length hangs a little lower at around 18 inches, though some jewellers might group shorter variations of 16 inches into this category. This is the most common length for many necklace styles, with gold pendants often worn just over the collarbone in order to show the drop to its full advantage.

Opera length defines those long, dangling chains which are often worn over the clothes and have a dramatic finish, hence the name. These can range from 20 to 36 inches, although it’s not unusual to find lengths of over 40 inches for some costume jewellery.


Look at the way in which your partner dresses and the other kinds of jewellery they wear to determine their style. If your girlfriend’s trinket box has just a few simple chains or strands of pearls, she probably has relatively conservative tastes and would be pleased with a shorter length pendant; perhaps a small locket or natural motif such as a flower.

Alternatively, if your partner is a fan of chunky ethnic jewellery, such as stone-set gold rings, colourful beaded necklaces and bangles, you might want to think about a longer length pendant, with a bigger drop in a semi-precious stone or shell material. Something which makes a statement is probably needed here.

Of course, it’s an extremely personal choice to make, so if the gold pendant is intended as a special gift, it may be wise to seek advice from a close friend or family member. Generally-speaking, gold pendants are a classic choice which ally with most tastes. With the variety of drops and designs in the Clogau pendant collection, there’s sure to be something to suit everybody.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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