Centuries have come and gone but gold has endured as a symbol of everlasting ties and permanence when it comes to wedding jewellery. Together with gold pendants, contemporary yellow gold, rose and white gold rings remain a favourite amongst brides today, particularly since rare Welsh gold was used in the wedding bands for the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, it may be a different story when it comes to the groom.

Clogau Men's Gold Wedding Ring

Clogau Men's Gold Wedding Ring

The fact is that gold, despite years of tradition as a centrepiece to the marriage ceremony is now being rivalled by more unusual metals such as titanium, platinum and even steel. The reason for the rise in the use of these metals is perhaps attributable to practical, modern concerns amongst men who are looking for long-lasting wear and durability. Unlike the gentlemen who lived hundred years ago, modern men’s increasingly active lifestyles do not always lend themselves to taking care of a precious gold band.

Choices such as titanium are in demand because of their association with functional and stylish sports watches, as well as its comparative strength and resistance to damage or marking. Tungsten has also been lauded as a practical option, the carbon alloy of which is far harder than titanium and can thus outlast softer, more valuable metals.

However, for a long and distinguished history, nothing can really top gold wedding rings. Their legacy can be traced as far back as the Ancient Egyptians.

At different times throughout history, it has been considered unlawful to be married without a gold ring, with some Irish legends telling of bad luck to those who did so.

For traditionalists then, there is still little choice to be had when it comes to gold wedding rings. Both symbolic and highly-prized, their longevity as the most popular wedding band over the years ensures that they represent eternal love in a way that few other metals can. With alternative solutions such as the combination of gold with other tougher materials including the rhodium in white gold, it is also possible to create stronger gold rings for men and thus the best of both worlds.

For further information, a diverse range of white, yellow and rose gold options for men and women can be found in the wedding rings section on our site.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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