We’ve hand selected a number of unique jewellery pieces that perfectly match the key trends identified for this upcoming Autumn/Winter season by British fashion institute, Vogue.

Included are a few first glances at brand new pieces due for launch this August.

Trend: London

2012 has been a year of British focus, with the recent Diamond Jubilee and the imminent Olympics. Deemed as being quintessentially British, are both London and The Royal Family.

Clogau’s Kensington collection is created in association with Historic Royal Palaces, celebrating one of London’s most iconic landmarks in terms of both beauty and heritage.

Alternatively, our Historic Royal Palaces and British Charms are playful and fun on-trend pieces that can be worn on your Milestones bracelet or added to a chain and worn as a pendant.


Trend: Purple

The new amethyst additions to the Ar Dan collection of occasion jewellery provide the perfect way to raise the fashion stakes by night, with matching pendant and ring available.


Trend: Rich & Regal

Clogau’s association with the British Royal Family makes any of our unique jewellery pieces perfect for this AW trend as they all contain a touch of the very same rare Welsh gold as preferred by Royalty for over 100 years.

For a most lasting impression, the Swan Royal ring is a work of art as well as a piece of statement jewellery.

Trend: Brocade

Richly decorative ornamental features are a speciality of Clogau’s signature Am Byth collection (Welsh meaning ‘forever’) which harnesses the Tree of Life filigree design, representing natural and eternal beauty.

Am Byth is the only way to say forever and remain on-trend this Autumn/Winter 2012.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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