Sending your child off to university is an extremely emotional time for parents. Having them leave the nest seems like the end of an era; the confirmation that they are no longer a child and are spreading their wings into the big wide world. Whilst it is often hard to imagine, their time at University is likely to fly by and they will be graduating before you know it. This is the feeling that many parents will be currently experiencing. It won’t seem like 5 minutes since you were creating food parcels of baked beans and super noodles yet now they are donning their cap and gown.

Red Kite Pendant from Clogau

Red Kite Pendant from Clogau

Graduating is a special and memorable time for every family and so deserves commemoration. Mark the occasion by giving your new graduate beautiful gold pendants from Clogau. For nearly 20 years, Clogau Gold has been producing the finest jewellery containing a touch of rare Welsh gold. Welsh gold itself is so precious that it has been used by Royalty since 1911. Show your new graduate how proud you are of them finishing university by giving them exquisite gold pendants.

For many people, they will only graduate once in a lifetime therefore a normal piece of jewellery is not quite sufficient to mark the occasion. A gold pendant with a touch of rare Welsh gold makes the perfect gift that they will cherish for years to come. At Clogau, we are proud of our collection of stunning gold pendants and necklaces. Each of our designs has a special meaning and a special story which can only add to the distinctiveness of the day.

Here at Clogau, we appreciate that everyone has their own individual style and so what may be a dream piece for one particular person may not appeal to another. We have therefore designed a vast collection of amazing gold pendant in white, yellow and rose gold so we are sure that we will have a beautiful necklace to suit the individual style of your new graduate.

This summer, mark your child’s graduation properly with stunning gold pendants from Clogau. To view our amazing range or for further information regarding the history of Clogau and Welsh gold, please visit our website or contact our team who will be more than happy to assist.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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