Christmas is a fantastic time to get married. Christmas alone is a magical occasion and so a wedding ceremony during this festive season creates a truly memorable and enchanting day. At Clogau, we can therefore really see the attraction to a festive wedding.

Heart Affinity Stacking Ring from Clogau

Heart Affinity Stacking Ring from Clogau

One colour that is associated with this time of year is gold; it oozes class and tradition. If you are choosing to tie the knot at Christmas, gold weddings are the ideal companion. A wedding ring is a strong symbol. It displays your commitment to your partner, for now and forever. Whilst your wedding ring is obviously going to bring back heart-warming memories of your special day, a gold wedding ring can seem that extra bit more special.

When choosing your wedding ring, you may be swayed to choose current designs and metals that are ‘in fashion.’ However, unlike your new ‘on-trend haircut’, you will not be changing your wedding ring. This ring is going to be worn proudly on your ring finger for the rest of eternity. Silver, platinum and palladium rings have a habit of wandering in and out of fashion. Gold rings, on the other hand, are a tradition that are always here to stay for the long term. With a stunning gold wedding ring from Clogau, you will not be embarrassed by your beautiful ring in many happy years to come.

As Christmas and weddings alone are such extra special times, it is only fitting that you have an extra special ring to match these occasions. Since 1923 the British Royal Family have been wearing wedding rings crafted from a single nugget of Clogau gold extracted from Clogau St David’s Gold Mine. Our gold wedding rings are not just any ordinary rings. It is a touch of this very same rare Welsh gold that is contained within every beautiful wedding ring.

Make your special day that extra bit more magical with a stunning gold wedding ring from Clogau. Not only are our exquisite rings beautiful, but they are also a fantastic talking point. After all, how many people have jewellery containing a touch of rare Welsh Gold? For more information, please visit our website.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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