Clogau’s Inner Charm collection of silver lockets and dainty charms is, and has been since it was launched, a definite customer favorite.

It seems that you have all embraced the idea of mixing and matching different lockets and charms to create and wear your own individual piece of jewellery.

To make this even easier for you, we’ve created a short YouTube video to show you exactly how it works. Just click the link at the bottom of this blog.

The Inner Charm collection is part of Clogau’s introduction of personalised and collectable jewellery, along with the Milestones bracelets and bead charms and the latest Affinity collection of stacking jewellery.

An ever growing variety of designs available in these collections allow for so many possible combinations to fit your personality, outfit or even occasion.

The idea behind the Inner Charm, as you may know, if that you choose your preferred locket then the charm of your choice. You then open the locket in which you hook the charm inside, and then close it back up to keep it safe. Depending on the style of locket you choose, the charm can then be seen through the window.

The wearer can then personalise their look by choosing from the 12 lockets and 38 charm designs available. The more you own, the wider variety of combinations you have to play with.

If you’re worried about that important meeting at work – hook on your four leaf clover charm.

If you want to keep your Inner Charm secret – use the sphere locket so that only you know what’s kept inside.

On a sunny day in beautiful North Wales, we made this short video for you to fully appreciate the idea behind Clogau’s unique Inner Charm…

Written by Rachel Roberts

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