“What on earth is a shop-in-shop?” I hear you shout! Give me a few minutes and a picture and all will be explained…

Known to us as a shop-in-shop, or to the guys in marketing as a branded retail display, a shop-in-shop is a clever display unit used in a shop to show off and draw attention to a particular brand. Shops are normally full of many different brands all displayed among each other, but the shop-in-shop allows a brand to be recognised and stand alone from its competitors.

“Who cares?” you ask. Well, we were hoping you do. Did you know that 60% of purchase decisions (whether to buy an item or not) are made in the actual shop so your first impressions of our jewellery matters to us.

The Clogau shop-in-shop uses a combination of flattering lighting, complementary materials and our colours to make sure that you will recognise our brand and our products as soon as you enter a shop. Our selected retail partners can choose from three different display units depending on the available floor space they have. Each unit features the Clogau logo, display merchandise to feature the jewellery and an optional TV displaying the Clogau story and new “Touch” imagery.

Keep an eye out for our shop-in-shop in selected Clogau retailers and let us know what you think. The pictures below give you an example of how a typical Clogau shop-in-shop will look featuring all three of the different units.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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