Right-hand rings are the accessory of the moment. Heidi Klum’s done it, Jessica Biel’s done it and the Duchess of Cambridge caused much excitement earlier this year when she was seen sporting a ruby and gold ring on her right hand. And the current trend for right-hand decoration doesn’t stop at gold rings either: from rhodium to platinum to sterling silver, these fashion statements have been causing a storm. Why? Well, many people see them as a direct challenge to the tradition of wearing rings on your left-hand ring finger to signify engagement or marriage.

The Origins of the Right-Hand Ring

Contrary to what you might think, 21st-century celebrities such as Beyonce did not start the right-hand ring trend. For many cultures in the world, gold wedding rings are worn on the right hand rather than the left, as is common in Western society. Eastern European countries such as Greece and Poland retain this habit as part of their faith, while in India brides have been known to extend this tradition to their right-foot toes.

Tree of Life Ring from Clogau

Tree of Life Wedding Ring from Clogau

In fact, it was the Romans who began the ritual of exchanging gold rings during the wedding ceremony and they opted for the right-hand ring as well.

What Is the Significance of the Right-Hand Ring Today?

In contemporary America, the right-hand ring has been adopted over the last ten years by affluent single women who wish to purchase a special piece of jewellery without having to stick with tradition and wait for a prospective husband. This gave rise to the practice of wearing silver and gold rings on the right hand, so as to avoid any confusion.

Often adorned with precious gemstones, the right-hand ring is a way for modern women to celebrate their own independence and enjoy owning something of great value and high fashion status. Styles range from simple eternity-style bands to large solitaires, meant to convey the old adage that diamonds really are ‘a girl’s best-friend’.

In recent years, the trend for women to celebrate their financial and career success has extended to other items of jewellery, such as pearl earrings, gold pendants and emerald bracelets. Wherever you prefer to wear your jewels, get inspired by the right-hand trend and take a look at Clogau’s selection of gold rings for women.


Written by Rachel Roberts

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