To celebrate the start of our 25th anniversary celebrations, we would like to present to you three brand new collections and over thirty new items.  The exciting new collections and items encapsulate our 25th anniversary Heritage campaign, which commemorates the founding of Clogau and all that has been achieved during this time – and all that we hope to become in the future. Family sentiments, majestic filigree and Welsh gold are celebrated in this pivotal milestone campaign and exciting new collections.

Tree of Life Bow

The classical bow motif represented in these stylish pieces shares its familiarity with all ages and its heritage with the iconic Tree of Life design of natural intertwining vines and leaves, delicately combined. These elegant pieces of contemporary jewellery are the perfect accessory to complement any outfit for any occasion. Classic design never dates.



In ancient Roman mythology, Salacia was worshipped as the goddess of the sea. She was the wife and queen of Neptune, god of the sea. Salacia is represented as a beautiful nymph, crowned with seaweed, often depicted driving with Neptune in a pearl shell chariot drawn by dolphins and sea-horses. These beautiful, elegant sea creatures form the inspiration behind this divine collection.


The Seven Princesses Historic Royal Palaces Charms

These new charms are based on the personal passions of the seven princesses, all former residents of Kensington Palace.  Every charm tells a story – from a love of the arts to aspirations of being in harmony with nature. Whatever your milestone, these new charms are a contemporary heirloom gift fit for any lucky Princess.


All of our wonderful new collections and pieces that launched at the beginning of August are on our website, so come over and have a look!

Written by Rachel Roberts

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