Welcome to the Clogau Gold blog!

Here, we will endeavour to keep you updated with all aspects of Clogau Gold. We’ll also give you advice on how to look after your jewellery, wedding rings sneak-previews of our latest jewellery ideas and up-coming collections, as well as much more.

We see the Clogau Gold blog as a more informal area where we can add as much insight as we can. Its an area where people interested in our company can provide information of what they would like to see within the next range, what they like, don’t like and general information of how you feel we can go that extra mile.

We know that purchasing an item of jewellery can be a very cold process, especially when done online and that’s one reason the Clogau Gold Blog was created whereby we can help as much as possible in you decision. Be it general jewellery, gold, silver or diamond advice – if, by the end of it, you don’t purchase from Clogau Gold but are more insightful in making an online jewellery purchase; then that’s not a bad thing in our eyes.

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Written by Rachel Roberts

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