The men’s jewellery market has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years. Stylish accessories are no longer just for women; men are following celebrities such as David Beckham and rap stars including P. Diddy with a taste for gold, diamonds and designer jewellery that unashamedly embraces that trendiest of trends, metrosexuality. Even with more masculine jewellery firmly at the forefront of fashion, some men may be unsure as to what suits them and their style. Here are some of the latest ways in which to wear gold pendants.

Men's pendant from Clogau

Men's pendant from Clogau

For those who are new to wearing jewellery, the best advice is usually to stick with something simple and understated, if you feel at risk of making a fashion faux-pas. Men’s gold pendants today by no means reflect the dated medallions and chains of the 1970s and those who may not have previously worn jewellery are now experimenting with a range of looks.

Many people assume that men’s gold jewellery is extravagant and brash by default, but there are plenty of options which suit low-key tastes. From slim crucifixes and Hindu deities to Jewish motifs, gold pendants can also be an elegant expression of personal faith, either subtle for everyday wear or as a statement for a special occasion. Textures and fine detailing re-defines the image of gold pendants and brings them bang up to date.

For sports fans, rugby and football crests are popular and are easy to wear with weekend outfits as casual as jeans and a polo shirt. Businessmen and professionals looking for something more formal might opt for enamel or carbon-fibre inlays for their gold pendants, as well as looking at in-set semi-precious stones such as diamonds.

Fashion-conscious guys can celebrate modern technology and sharp design with mixed metal components, which incorporate non-traditional metals such as titanium or tungsten into jewellery pieces. Pendants can even carry touches of unusual materials such as ceramic for something really individual.

If you can’t decide between silver, gold or other trendy metals to complete your look, there are also gold rings with tungsten components, watches which combine steel with precious metals and all kinds of variations on classic gold wedding rings.

For more ideas and advice as to how to wear men’s jewellery, why not explore our blog pages or check out the latest designs for men’s rings and pendants.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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