While yellow gold wedding rings are making a big comeback this year, together with coloured diamonds and other precious stones, rose gold is the one to watch. Found on everything from ballet pumps to watch straps, rose gold is the colour of the moment. But it is in pendants where the biggest trends are making their mark.

Eternal Love rose gold pendant from Clogau (ELDCP)

Eternal Love rose gold pendant from Clogau (ELDCP)

Who’s wearing it?

This pink-toned metal is currently flooding the high street as a flattering alternative to classic metallics. Blended with copper, rose gold is not only an appealing colour choice but the addition of another metal makes the metal more durable and less liable to damage over time. Spotted on the likes of Julianne Moore and Victoria Beckham, rose gold rings, necklaces and bracelets are currently adorning the necklines and wrists of the rich and famous.

Rose gold pendants in particular are a favourite of everyone from Leighton Meister to Kristen Stewart and with so much celebrity endorsement, there are more styles, lengths and drops from which to choose. Plate monograms make a beautifully vintage statement in rose gold, while the classic token of love, the locket, has been seen in tri-coloured gold filigree hearts and classic oval designs. Elsewhere, symbolic pendants are a must-have accessory again, with the peace sign, religious symbols and initials all making a statement in rose gold this year.

How to wear it

Rose gold pendants make such a perfect accessory because of the metal’s subtle tones, which complement every skin type. Whether small and demure or bejewelled and formal, rose gold pendants look great alone but combining them with other copper pieces will bring out the pink tinge even further. What’s more, set a rose gold necklace against other jewellery in the zingy colours of the season – such as a pair of turquoise earrings or coral bracelet – and the warm hue will really shine.

Although it was over 200 years ago that rose gold was first created, this soft-toned metal is only just coming under the spotlight. Praised for their discreet elegance and aura of romance, rose gold pendants make an ideal present and are sure to be around for a long while, with top designers and fashion icons all vying to get in on the trend. To view the full range of Clogau rose, white and yellow gold pendants, why not explore the pendants and necklace section of the Clogau website.

Written by Rachel Roberts

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