IT’S OFFICIAL: Welsh gold WILL be used for April’s Royal wedding!!

On Thursday, our Press Office caught wind of a very exciting rumour, and just to make sure that it wasn’t an early (and very cruel) April Fools trick, we made a call to the Royal Palace where a spokesperson confirmed the news that we’d been waiting 5 months to hear…

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…April’s Royal wedding will continue the tradition of using a Welsh gold wedding ring!!!

Did you notice that I said ring, and not rings? Prince William has, controversially, decided not to wear a wedding ring, causing quite a stir amongst the general public and Royal Family.

Personally William, we dont mind.

As you can imagine, we’re all over the moon – especially Ben (Managing Director):

“I’ve had my fingers crossed that, they would continue tradition, since the engagement was announced in November. I was expecting to have to wait until after the wedding to hopefully discover this news so it has come as a very welcome surprise to me. It’s a great association for Clogau to have and I’m immensely proud.”

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Read my previous blog for more information on our Royally-themed Spring & Summer 2011 jewellery launches, and stay tuned for more news of our Royal-inspired activity, scheduled for April!

Written by Rachel Roberts

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