Clogau jewellery is used to mark the milestone moments that touch our lives. For this reason, Clogau is often the only choice when our customers decide to tie the knot.

While yellow gold wedding rings have long been the classic choice for bride and groom’s to be, we have found that the epitome of taste and choice has led to couples exchanging more unusual alternatives on their big day.

The warm lustre of rose gold, with its pink note, is a newly considered token of love. Beautifully complimenting any skin tone, the popular his and hers Annwyl rings feature a Celtic weave design symbolising an endless bond.

More practically, white gold offers a wedding ring that can be worn with any attire due to its neutral colouring. A more affordable option are silver wedding rings, which hold a similar appearance at a fraction of the cost.

The unisex Tree of Life ring, in silver and rose gold, is a customer favourite and offers the perfect option for those seeking a wedding ring with a difference.

I have recently received this beautiful ring and will be using it as my wedding band. It is unique, amazing quality and it is nice to be wearing Welsh gold. It came in a lovely box with a certificate. The price is good for such a beautiful ring and I will be wearing it with pride. Thank you for such a quick delivery and wonderful customer service.” Mrs Roberts, April 2013.

Clogau offers a unique memento as each piece of jewellery contains a touch of the very same rare Welsh gold as used by British Royalty for over 100 years.

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Written by Rachel Roberts

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