Following our very exciting news that we have signed another 3 year sponsorship agreement with the Wales Polo Team and Association, we are thrilled to be telling you about a fabulous upcoming event that we hope you will interested in hearing about!

The refined aesthetic of polo, a sport steeped in rich heritage and tradition is not only a key part of our brand DNA and reflects our ties to Wales and royalty, but has also inspired our stylish Wales Polo collection.

Wales Polo Collections

Wales Polo Collection

As the official sponsor of the Wales Polo team, whose 1st patron is His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, we are delighted that one of the most glamorous events on Wales’ social calendar is back this summer.

Castell Polo presents The Celtic Cup that will take place within the historic grounds of Fonmon Castle on Sunday 8th June 2014, where Wales will take on Ireland to win the trophy in a day of professional fast-paced polo matches.

Ricky Cooper, captain of the Wales Polo Team said: “We haven’t played on home soil for over two years and we’re excited that Castell Polo are providing us with the opportunity to play in Wales, despite playing throughout the world in amazing places such as Argentina and Texas there’s no place like home!”

The prestigious event is the perfect occasion for anyone who is looking for a fun and sophisticated day – sit back, relax and enjoy delicious cocktails from Lab22’s stylish pop-up bar, and watch some exciting Polo matches!

The proceeding month we will be hosting an evening soirée in our new store in Cardiff to toast the team and wish them every success this season.

If you would like to support Wales polo team and enjoy a unique day out purchase hospitality or picnic tickets via

Written by Rachel Roberts

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